The Last Exorcism of Summer ~ 10 Exercise Essentials for your Best Workout

Gonna Make you Sweat - 10 Essentials for your Best Workout

Nike athletic shoes, $100

Loose tank top, $69

Activewear, $38 These tank tops and sports bras come with convenient storage pockets, minus the bulkiness.

Viva Capri Pink, $97 This brand make all it’s exercise clothing with a fabric technology that boasts the ability to burn more calories, due to generating more body heat. The patent is pending, but they’ve got me hooked. I want to try  them out and see if they really work, and if they do, I’m not taking them off.

Purple jewelry– 2 pocket wrist cuffs/ weights- $19.00

Save Your Do, $24.95 I’m kinda obsessed with this product, and I have literally forever been on the search for something to help me maintain my blowout and still get to work out. Apparently,actress, Nicole Ari Parker was having the same problem, and she invented a headband that claims to be made witha  revolutionary technology that minimizes sweat, and allows heat to escape, while still cooling you off. Stay tuned for a review of this product and more….

Copco – History, $8.99 No more cracking down ice cubes in a fit of rage, while trying to squeeze them into my water bottle, or squeezing lemon in my eye while trying to push one into my bottle. These water bottles open at the middle, allowing you to add ice, lemons, fruit or whatever your fancy.

Twistbands-  Starting at $5 … available on No more marks and achey ponytails with these pain free elastic ties for any hair type or length.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband , $100 This slim, stylish device is not inexpensive, but if you use the cost per day model we all love for rationalizing impulsive, expensive purchases, then this fit band will pay you back almost immediately. During the day, it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned and at night, it tracks your sleep cycle and wakes you silently in the morning.

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