The L Word… rantings from the underground battle

I am perpetually working on myself, as many people on this island. I tend to think I’m a pretty easy going person, and though it doesn’t ALWAYS work, I try to keep a level head. This year is all about leaving the weight, and the drama behind- 2011 is about peaceful new starts- and I think, given there are no outside catalysts, this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship….. with myself.

But one thing I will admit to is a quick to blow temper- I try to keep my cool but one location where,no matter how hard I try, this seems an impossible feat to overcome is, not my daily life but below the surface. The NYC subway system has become such a thorn in my side, that I have dedicated an entire new section for just venting, discussing, and laughing it off.

Specifically the L train- This one little letter has become the bane of my existence, so much so that it actually changes me – It makes me impatient, intolerant and worst of all – late.

This morning I woke up too late to make the gym (DAMMIT!), but early enough to be on time to work. I left my house at 830  for a normally 1o minute commute and waited in the station for 30 minutes NO announcement, no signs, and most importantly NO L TRAIN. B/c of that old Murphy’s law that kept telling me the moment I leave, it will come, I waited it out; eventually the facts were too strong to ignore— this train aint coming!

I hopped on the well over packed bus, and finally made my way to Union Square.

And on this island, it’s not just the fashionable that only survive. It’s also the QUICK. In life, a lot of cautionary things prompt you to approach them, from the side. When we’re about to eat a hot soup, we taste it off the side. When we’re kids in the pool, before we make it to deep waters, we creep along the side—

And in the NYC underground maze, I am now learning, that if you want to hopefully avoid getting beat up and pushed down, while keeping up your pace, you have to walk a fine line- on the side of the wall, that is. It’s the only way to  hopefully avoid conflict- and the crowd….. So I did just that–

By the time my train stalled again at 34th street, and the whole train had to get off and wait – AGAIN— my out loud expletives to whomever would listen had dissipated, and I had finally just accepted that this was happening.

By the time I reached work at 935 am, I had calmed down my spirit, and I will try my hardest to keep my mind clean and open though it’s not easy. But for now, I’m okay again —- Until tomorrow morning…

so which subway line is your nemesis??

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