The Kissing Game~ or How to Be Totally #Kissable with Avon

What gives you Kissable Lips? The Kissing Game

There are 3 words you can say to any girl, and she’ll likely immediately recognize what you are talking about, leading to conversing briefly on the topic. Those three words; Boiler room episode. For many of you, I need not go into further detail. Certain words and phrases have become synonymous with that sentimental part of our brain and heart. The mention of them, even if in code that no one else understands, strikes a cord in us. Here is another one, 4 words. Cruel Intentions Escalator scene. Yeah, you know the one. I’ll give you a hint, it involves a blue shirt. Of course, for us older girls, one Llyod Dobbler comes to mind, holding a radio over his head under the bedroom of his first love. I shudder to think that young girls  today don’t know about Llyod; in my opinion, the best male character ever.

When it comes to the Jordan Catalano, and Llyod Dobblers, Felicity’s Ben, and Notebook’s Gosling,  the first thing that always comes to mind is the kiss. Fast and rushed, slow and romantic, scooped up, or grabbing the face, it’s that image that we remember, because, let’s face it, there’s nothing like a really, amazing kiss, especially when it’s in real life.

My first kiss was at a school dance in 7th grade, after slow dancing at the typical arms length distance. I don’t really remember it. There’s been a bunch of kisses since then, some memorable, and some less then. And then there are the kisses that become much more; because they take you to new places and on new journeys.

Much like Big telling a Parisian Carrie, “You’re the One”, or a cold rainy Audrey being forced to succumb to love, these moments engrave themselves in our brain, and set the stage for all our happy endings, whether they be real or fantasy. It’s the kisses that define you, no matter how how they’re executed. A first kiss after an amazing date can make us feel exhilarated and optimistic. Whereas a kiss from a long term love can illicit comfort and love. But there’s something about the one that catches you off guard.The one that grabs you, literally, and surprises you. Those are my favorite, but rare, and almost impossible to replicate. Which makes them that much more exciting.

It’s only fitting that I be thinking about kissing so much, what with Valentines Day only a few weeks away, and perhaps, in almost perfect timing, an amazing new lip line from Avon has come out that promises to make you literally kissable.

The Totally Kissable Line is  full-coverage conditioning for visibly fuller, softer and smoother lips, and comes in sixteen colors. Be flirty and fun with a coral. Test out a mauve or purple at an event or party, and to make your mark, go for make out red.  I personally will be picking up the lovey dovey pink, and rocking it during fashion week.

Ifb teamed up with Avon this week, for their Ifb project #81 to see what makes others feel, look, or act totally kissable. I think at the end of the day, no matter what your style, whether you be a fiery red, or a subtle, Natural Glow, all that really matters is how you wear it, and how you feel. As always, even in beauty, the product means nothing without your own personal style and personality to complement it.  And of course, another pair of lips is always good too….

Caressing Coral
Lovey Dovey Pink
Mauve Allure
Plum Intrigue
Deep Orchid
Make Out Red
Coy Copper
Smitten Red
Red Embrace

Natural Glow

Avon Totally Kissable in Make out Red - click to buy Avon Totally Kissable in Make out Red – click to buy. On sale for only 99 cents with $10 Purchase


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