The Juice, the whole Juice, and Nothing but the Juice- Mapping out the BluePrint cleanse….

getting Juicy with it -

I really wouldn’t consider myself a lucky person. I’m not being negative, it’s just typically, the type of random outcomes that can happen from day to day, that sometimes relate directly to the amount of luck a person has; well, mine usually skews a bit lower.
I don’t know if it’s predetermined, or if we control the ride, but last night something extraordinary happened. I got lucky. Not that kind…
As I mentioned in last week’s five weekly obsessions, lately I have become enveloped with the idea of doing a juice cleanse. I started with Jamba Juice, and have now officially upped the ante. After some research, I gave up on spending so much on what several told me was just pr junk, and then discovered that the Blueprint cleanse now comes in individual bottles at Whole Foods. After canceling my normal volunteer art class on Wednesday nights due to back pain, I trekked down to the Whole Foods on Bowery, mission in mind. As is usually the case, when I decide I want or need something.
Turned out a representative from the company was there giving out samples, so we discussed my plans, and he told me which drinks to buy. Suddenly, he hurriedly said ‘wait, here I’ll be right back’, and I curiously obliged. He returned with a giant box filled with 9 Blueprint drinks. ‘You know what, why don’t you have these’, he said. ‘They’re just our samples, and then you get to try it out’. I tried to refuse, but he was adamant that I should have them, and that no one would miss these leftover samples.
So I left whole foods, large brown box in tow, instruction pamphlet and business card in hand, and trekked home.
I started off this morning bright and early at 7 am with hot yoga class, and Day 1, I am one drink in, having just downed the Green drink. I have to say, shockingly, it was delicious. I am not hungry yet at all, and not tired either. Then again, it’s only 12 pm. 2 days to go…. Next drink up today, is the cayenne lemonade for lunch.
I am volunteering at the Bowery Mission tonight, so hopefully that’ll keep me distracted and then have my last, 5th juice of the day, before bedtime. No happy hour for me tonight.
I will keep everyone posted, and updated on how it goes, but I’m feeling optimistic…..Hopefully, the goal is that I will get rid of the toxins, maybe feel a little lighter, and cleanse out my body…But at least not my wallet…

For a great interview with the amazing two female entrepreneurs who started Blueprint, check out the wellness blog, Well and good NYC

And for additional info on this cleanse, and others available to try, as well as different options, ideas for cleanses, raw diets, recipes, etc, I found another great wellness and health blog, called Green Lemonade, which I advise also checking out.

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