The Dog Days are over….. Styles with Bark

The pug who wanted a Bee to take him home

We might be jamming to this on our i-pods, but it seems that now more then ever dog ownership is on the rise. Everywhere I go, I see people walking dogs. Little dogs, big dogs, cute ones, ugly ones. The cute girl w/ her tiny terrier, the guy walking a tiny, dolled up yorkie. (Mind you, if you are single, this is the # 1 BEST way to scope on guys. Better then looking at a left hand.. If he’s walking a bulldog, or a spaniel, he’s a keeper. If he’s walking a tiny, coiffed yorkie, ladies, keep on walking. He only has five minutes on the city street, before she starts calling from their apartment, wondering why he’s taking so long….

When I was 20, in college, I wanted a dog so bad I bought one. On a whim. Without knowing anything about how to raise one. Mr Sonny Kovax was a hyper toy terrier who sometimes was a bit crazy, but he had a lot of heart and a lot of emotion…. hmm sounds familiar? I loved him, but when I graduated, and returned home, (when you still couldn’t have dogs in my complex— which is no longer a rule), it became so difficult to maintain and hide him in my mom’s home, that I was left with no choice but to give him away. I cried. I still think about Mr Kovax and where he went, and if I could find him.

Now, I’m 30 years old. Ten years have passed (DAMN!). I want a dog. That’s right, I said it. A cute, little black, English bull dog, who I will name Sandler. For some reason, when I bring this up, it will illicit AHHH’s, and Jeez’s, sighs and usually ends with, you can’t have a dog!!! Apparently what I am told is that my lifestyle is “not conducive” to having a dog. I am not home enough, and it would be cruel. “Wait till you live with someone, and you can have one together”, is the typical advice I am given…. And though I’m not one to care what others thing, in retrospect, it seems to be a valid point. So, I wondered, maybe I can look up the most independent dog there is, and get that one? So, for now, it seems my fate is to wait until my ENTIRE life takes a turn, and from that, all off-shoot destinies will happen ie; my dream wedding, and my dream dog. As long as we’re talking human years, and not dog years, I think I can manage….

My friends have dogs. My friends LOVE their dogs. And by love, I mean, obsessed with their dogs. Apparently, when I was quite tipsy a few weekends back w a friend who had to go home, I squealed drunkingly, “Ugh, it’s always about your dog!!!” I laughed upon hearing this. Perhaps I was mistaking her for all the times I heard my friend say how pissed she was that her new boyfriend couldn’t sleepover her place, because he had to go home and feed his dog.

Ah yes, we use our dogs for so many things. For love, for friendship, for excuses to not sleep over our date’s house, for that feeling of being loved, and of course, for double dating, as seen below, in an event that to this day, though it happened last summer, can still make me and my friend fall on the ground, and pee in our pants with laughter…. ONLY IN NEW YORK….

A friday night date night on the island

So all in all, dogs are in fashion. Having one, dressing one, buying clothes or accessories with them, and a little doggy style never hurt anyone, did it?… (I’m sorry – for those who know me— I couldn’t resist)

Me and Rudy ---- Me: black jeggings, blue oversized workshirt, Red vintage Cowboy boots circa Footloose . Rudy- wearing a leash and a smile









Rudy and his real mom- working hard, or hardly working?







Fredward--- My cat--- who thinks he is a dog... trust me, it's true!!





























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