The Daily Buzz ~ Too GHOUL for School ~ Sterling Silver Halloween Necklaces with Charm

halloween shop the halloween collection on Etsy, here , prices range from $79-99.00

It’s that time of year again. The weather cools, tights replace bare legs, pumpkin flavored things are EVERYWHERE, and the smell of apple crisp fills your kitchen, or in my case, the attempt at apple crisp, perhaps better done by Fresh Direct. And something else fills the air in October.

Avenue long storefronts otherwise unnoticed turn into Halloween costume shops and begin buzzing with crowds. All over the internet, stories abound of costume ideas, DIY options, and candy corn recipes, and couples everywhere try to think of what matching duo they can dress up as. Correction, the female in the couple trys to think of what matching duo they can dress up as.

In the spirit of what was always my mom’s favorite holiday (she even fedexed me decorations to college, to make sure they would go on the door in time!), I have put together a collection of halloween inspired necklaces from my jewelry line, Beecharmer.

All Sterling silver, and vintage, the necklaces are small enough to be dainty but still evoke some cool. Or should I say, Ghoul?


Photography by John Turck 

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