The Daily Buzz~ Strand In the Place where you Live ~ Kate Spade & Strand Bookstore Exclusive Grab bags & totes

Kate Spade is continuing its I love New York campaign this month, partnering with yet another New York City institution, the Strand Bookstore.

Strand, located on the corner of 12th and Broadway is an everyday mecca for some. A place where you can go to buy a book, browse old selections, and get inspired. Buy an old Tom Wolfe novel for fifty cents, or the most amazing photography book for five dollars. Kate Spade, having proven time and again how passionate they are for this great city of mine has partnered with the bookstore to produce a line of exclusive totes that contain gifts in them catering to different categories.

#katespade #strandbookstore Kate Spade & Strand Exclusive tote grab bag, $50 – click here to buy

The bags come in either the plain tote, or the bigger, red lined tote, and the goodies inside cater to fashion, art, food, photography, and travel. Priced from $50 to $100, they celebrate the best part of the city; the ability to come together and make something great.

Scoop these up fast. Many have already sold out, and the rest are sure to go fast.

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  • There is something to treasure with a bookstore that has personality and more. This sounds like a really nice place to visit. As an avid reader, this bookstore really touches the reader well…the totes!