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In the Sunday New York Times this weekend, an article entitled, My Selfie, Myself explored the meaning behind the phenomenon of the selfie. Though delving into the underlying vanity, it mostly spoke to it’s positive attributes, describing it as a form of self expression for the new century. A story we each tell about ourselves.

I think it’s that, mixed in with a lot of self absorption. These days it seems like the standards of how we feel about self absorption have lowered drastically. Those who suffer from it get away with a lot more, and in a world where self promotion is EVERYTHING, (which I am also no stranger to), a blogger has to self promote in order to get an audience, much like an actor, singer, or any craft that requires an audience. For those whose occupation doesn’t rely on the aforementioned, you could perhaps as easily say that we are a culture who does things to in order for them to be seen. Which brings me to the inspiration for my newest t-shirt.

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