The Daily Buzz ~ Dated Tees~ T shirts for the Sarcastic City Single

dated-tees-bring-the-banter.american-apparel-juniors-athletic-tee.athletic-grey.w380h440z1I recently opened my brand new t shirt shop on, and since then, I can’t sleep, as visions of humorous sayings, and plays on words dance in my head.

It’s one thing to be a sarcastic single; something that makes up a large part of this island of Manhattan, but it’s quite another to play one on t.v. And if not on t.v., then at least on the T part.

I am obsessed with t shirts. And though I’m far from it now, I used to know a thing or two about being a single, and still know a thing or two about being sarcastic. Now, I have found a way to mix both in my new t-shirt line, Dated.

Every shirt contains a quote that I have either heard a friend say, heard that a friend’s friend said, or said myself. Or at least, what we were thinking…..

Now you can keep your thoughts to yourself, but still share them with the world.

Prices range from $20 to $50 and come in a variety of colors. Please check out my other styles as well also featured in my Skreened Shop.


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