The best ways to take care of your skin

We all want to take the best care of ourselves in every respect- make sure we’re eating a healthy diet and fueling our body with what it needs to thrive. That means – remembering your strength and stamina and working on other elements of our physical wellbeing, such as mobility, flexibility and balance. But one area that many of us unknowingly neglect is the largest organ in our bodies – our skin. Looking after your skin is important for a number of reasons. Here are some of the best ways to take care of your skin.

But what do you need to do to take care of your skin properly?

Our skin is a necessary, functional element of your body, protecting your insides from damage, so it’s important to make sure it’s able to do its job properly.

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The best ways to take care of your skin

Stay Hydrated

The first, and simplest step is staying hydrated. There are so many reasons that you should make sure that you’re drinking roughly two liters of water a day. Water helps your body with so many processes, from filtering toxins to helping you regulate your body temperature. But hydration is important too.

The outermost layer of your skin requires plenty of moisture to flush away toxins and carry nutrients to the skin’s cells. If you take time to ensure that your skin is well hydrated, you are likely to notice that it is less sensitive to irritants and germs that can slip through the lipid barrier. If you want an extra boost, consider eating hydrating foods, such as tomatoes, cucumber, watermelon, celery and other options with a high water content.

Come Up With a Skincare Routine

A good skincare routine doesn’t have to be anything fancy or complex- but you should be doing more than simply splashing water on your face.

Over the course of the day, our faces produce oils or you may find that dirt on your face clogs your pores, resulting in issues such as spots. By managing your skin well, you can ensure that it is clean, fresh and you can even find products that help with natural overproduction or underproduction of sebum too. Take a look through the different common skin types to identify your own.

Eat Well

Diet can have a big impact on skin. We all know that we’re meant to eat a healthy and balanced diet for a number of reasons. It can help you to maintain a healthy weight, it ensures that your body gets the nutrients that it needs, it prevents issues such as blood sugar problems or high cholesterol.. The list goes on. But another reason to eat well is to benefit your skin. A diet that is high in processed foods and excess sugars can cause breakouts and other problems. Make sure to reduce these foods for you skin and for your general wellbeing.

Use Sunscreen

The sun poses a huge threat to our skin. It’s important to wear sunscreen with a good SPF every day. All too many people make the mistake of only wearing sunscreen when out in the sun and hot weather.

There are plenty of different options out there- stock up and make it part of your day to day routine.

Remember Your Scalp

One area that is less visible is your scalp if you have hair. Problems that may initially be hidden by hair could come to the foreground- through flaking, scabbing or itching. If you experience this, make sure to contact a doctor. They can diagnose an underlying condition such as dandruff or psoriasis.

You can learn the difference between dandruff versus scalp psoriasis here. If you have issues like this, a doctor may recommend scalp treatments, specialist shampoos or conditioners and even lifestyle changes.

Understand Contraceptives

Believe it or not, contraceptives can have a variety of different impacts on skin too. In fact, some of these kinds of pills, coils, implants, patches or injections – which are packed with hormones – can have an impact on your skin. Once again, a doctor will be able to provide advice.

Each step can make all the difference- see which ones will help you on your own skincare journey?

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