The BeeFive ~ 6/7/13~ 5 FaBEElous Weekly Obsessions

The Beefive - 5 faBEElous Obsessions this week- 6/7/13

The Great Gatsby soundtrack features new Jay-Z, The xx, Florence the…


I literally can’t stop listening to this. I am fully aware of the tepid reactions, and mixed reviews for the movie, and soundtrack, but I happened to have loved the movie, and am completely obsessed with the soundtrack, especially the Lana Del Ray, and Florence Welch tracks. But it on Amazon here for $12.00

My New Chanel Espadrilles. Amazing how astute, and planned breaks from shopping, and spending can be erased in one sheer moment of obsession and desires. Thus is the case when I decided, after months of biting my tongue, and holding back, that I , in fact, must have these shoes. After a frenzied search at Saks, Bergdorfs, and online, I went to the source on 57th street and 20 minutes later, bag in hand, and a slight bout of shame from my empty wallet, I exited the store. I might have lost the battle of fashion deprivation, but at least my feet will look amazing. The shoes are pretty much sold out literally everywhere, but fear not, if you want to take a gamble you can always try ebay.

Ever since we watched the movie, Take Shelter early this week, I seem to have developed a slight obsession with the lead actor, Michael Shannon. Not only do I highly recommend the movie, but just as carefully crafted as some of the scenes are, is the performance Shannon delivers. He has a strong presence on screen, and though he’s not traditionally handsome, there is something quite striking about him. Only furthering this obsession is the fact that in one more week, the whole world will be able to experience him as he hits the big screen in the highly anticipated Man of Steel, as the lead villian, Zod. As a major Superman enthusiast; already excited about the opening of this movie, my new love for Michael Shannon only helps to further my obsession.

The Stinger- Food Buzz
Breakfast for dinner has always been one of my favorite meals, but usually in the form of a late night diner, after a long, night of nyc partying. Today, that term means the same thing to me, but it’s execution is light years from that late night diner, and rather, a family meal. And though I don’t always make it, this week it was calling to us.

In addition, ever since I started my own t shirt line/shop on I’ve become slightly obsessed with thinking of new ideas, and creating t shirts every day. So, I figured why not combine my two obsessions this week? Below, is the child of that idea. And since McDonalds just revealed their new Late Night Menu, I figured I better get a jump on, before they not only steal my whole idea, but even my favorite phrase. Okay, fine, so I didn’t exactly come up with the idea of eating breakfast for dinner, I’m not that delusional, but as far as I know, I did create the “schtick”, and those Golden Arches can’t take that away from me, right?

Dated Tees- Breakfast for Dinner –,  $33.00 Buy it HERE 

Thursday Friday tote

I was ‘lucky’ enough to meet some of the team behind Thursday Friday back in April at Lucky Fabb West, and even luckier to get the chance to pick out my favorite one. After going straight for this one – the Diamonds bag, I brought it home, but like so many items I buy, rather then jumping right into it, I watch, I wait, and then I pounce. But since the day I decided to break it in, I haven’t stopped using it. This week it came with me to a meeting, a store event, dinner, and a picnic on the Hudson River. Big enough to fit my tarp blanket, magazines, and everything else, but so light, and easy to carry. The site offers this, along with many others, and I am already picking out my next one. I am also insanely excited to start using my other item, the Luggage bag, a smaller, cosmetics pouch. Stay tuned, because once it comes out, I’m sure the obsession will take over quickly.  Buy mine here.

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