The BeeFive~ 5/17/13~ 5 FaBEElous Weekly Obsessions

THe Beefive - 5 faBEElous Weekly Obsessions 5/17/13

1. Jo Malone’s Elderflower and Gooseberry fragrance from the limited edition Sugar and Spice Collection. Elderflower is one of the ingredients of my all time favorite drink, St Germain and champagne, so it only goes to reason that I would absorb it just as much right onto my skin, in the fragrance form. What better way to bring in the warmth that is finally, finally upon us with a new, fresh scent. $60, 

2. May I found this amazing website through a link on Pinterest, only further solidifying the fact that no matter how many bookmarks, feeds, and accounts you have, there is always something out there that you don’t know you must have. I’ve already expressed in the past my love for all things monogramming, and custom-made. May Designs is the best of both. The website offers an amazing custom process, where you get to design your book, notecard, or notebook of choice starting from inception. It begins by picking your design, with everything from chevron, to stripes, dots, to pineapples, writing out your monogram, or phrases depending on what you want, what function it will serve, and how it will look inside. Small, extra fees apply for making it a food, budget, or more specialized journal. I had a lot of fun designing my first May Book, and can’t wait for it to arrive so I can show it off. Until then….  Books start at $17

3. Layering my Necklaces. Lately, I’ve been fighting the negativity I sometimes have towards wearing multiple necklaces. This has been an age old problem, ever since I had more then a few special items I wanted to honor by daily use, only by getting teary eyed and frustrated later on when I would have to untangle, pull at, and beg them to come apart. But these are new times, and I’ve decided to try again. The key to this art form? Lengthy Measures. Wear one long, dangly one with a shorter one, or larger baubles with a daintier piece. My recent pairing, straight from my own BeeCharmer jewelry line. Sterling Silver Puffy Heart Pendant on long chain, Sterling Silver 4 Leaf Clover pendant, $70 on BeeCharmer Boutique 


4. The New Delish ice-cream at Duane Reade courtesy of the Celebrity Apprentice tv showdown between Penn Gilette and Trace Adkins. I had the opportunity to meet both and taste their ice cream this week and am currently coveting a bowl of both of the delicious flavors.But more on this later…They’re currently on sale 2 for $5, so go pick some up, and then watch the finale this Sunday on Nbc.


5. My new Joe Boxer Polka dot retro style one piece from Kmart. I got it on sale for a whopping $20, it fits perfect, and I can’t wait for the first beach day of the season!  At first, I didn’t know I how I felt about the whole 1 piece comeback craze, but somewhere in between all the hoopla, I became a believer. And I’m spreading my beliefs and here to say, it’s okay. Give it a try. I also got a cute pair of hot pink boy short bottoms on sale for only $12, perfect for mixing and matching. Buy them right here.

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