The BeeFive ~ 5 Things: Falling for the Fall Season

By now you have probably already read, or at least browsed dozens of articles about the fall season upon us. The things that make fall so great, and the reasons why people love this season so much are everywhere you look. And, because those few, fleeting, city months do happen to be my absolute favorite season, I am jumping on the gushing bandwagon. There is nothing like that first day when hot air turns just cool enough to catch your attention. There is a crispness in the air that can be replicated at no other time, and the world just feels new and fresh, as if anything is possible.
The Beefive- Why Fall Rocks
1. September issues. Every year, like clockwork, most stylish women anxiously await the September issues. They’re thicker, juicer, more ad driven, and lets face it, a fall staple.
2. Essie nail polish. Each season, I await the new Essie collections to see, not just the new colors, but the names. Because we all know that is truly the best part. See the fall colors here.
3. Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. It seemingly began with coffee. Now, like anything that proves a modicum of success, the craze has begun. There are pumpkin spice doughnuts, M&M’s, candy, and now, a special edition pumpkin spice oreos. Click here to enjoy 10% off all pumpkin spice products at Starbucks.
4. Chunky sweaters. Right now, chunky and oversized knits and cardigans are huge, but honestly, did they ever really go anywhere? Who doesn’t love those few months when you don’t need a jacket, but you do need something cozy to wrap yourself in. There are so many awesome choices right now, but of course, I always love Target, and they have a perfect, camel, handkerchief style cardigan.  At
5. Fall traditions. Because no fall season is complete without a day of escaping the island for a little fall foliage, apple picking, and a pumpkin patch. Fall in all it’s glory.

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