The Beefive ~ 5 Obsessions this Week

They’re baaaaackkkk……..


1. Bee Happy. If you are a reader of my blog, or know me at all, then you know bees play a pretty big role in my life, from my nickname, to a theme of my blog, to a slight obsession. So when I first got hip to these shoes from Carly, or The College Prepster, on Instagram a few months back, I obviously had to have them immediately. Now, here we are in almost February, and they have finally arrived. From one Bee to another! The hardest part will be holding on to these little buzzers until springtime.

#spring2014 #cwonder Bee Happy C wonder flats, $138 – click to see more 


2. Song remakes better then the movie. Ever since I saw a trailer for the new remake of Endless Love, I couldn’t get the song that played over the preview out of my head. A  haunting cover of Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love; it’s not the first time the song has been remade, but something about that classic song in Skylar Grey’s  deep, almost dark tone is kind of amazing. Check it out and download here .


3. A hint of Mint. Spring currently seems like a very far away land, but when I stumbled upon my favorite Ikea organizational boxes in new spring colors, I already started thinking about spring cleaning. This mixes two of my favorite things, organizing, and that pistachio green/blue color I love so much. Throw in a train to Red Hook, and some swedish meatballs and sounds like a perfect Saturday to me.

ikea #ikea #organization #storage ikea storage boxes $6.99/2 pack – click to buy


4. Blow Up Sweater by Mango. Leaving the office the other day, I walked right back Mango, and out of the corner of my eye locked eyes with a phrase. Blow Up. This means several things to me. It’s a great movie starring John Travolta and Nancy Allen. It’s also a classic Bertolucci film from the 60’s that has inspired fashion, art, and music to follow. And now, it has taken on the form of a cropped sweatshirt I’m currently coveting. I walked in twice already without purchasing, as my obsession with the sweater is countering my desire to not shop for an entire month. Who will win this battle still is left unclear, but considering I have already designed several outfits from my closet wearing it, I  have a feeling it might just blow up in my face.

Mango #sweatshirt #shopping Blow Up cropped sweatshirt, $50 – Click to Buy


5. Impractical Jokers on Tour. Every week I get excited to invite four men into my house to hang out with me and my boyfriend. Before you go judging, it’s Murr, Q, Joe, and my personal favorite, Sal, the Impractical Jokers crew that attack our tv screens each week on that channel you’ve never heard of, Tru Tv. These guys, already having gained huge popularity, are headed for utter greatness, especially that Sal with his cute little dimples and infectious laugh. The boys play practical jokes on somewhat unassuming strangers and what ensues is appearingly, un staged hilarity. Though usually proud of my ability to stay on the pulse, I have already missed these guys perform twice, once right in my backyard at Gramercy Theater. So, when I saw on the show that there would be new tour dates, my new goal for the week became scooping out the tickets. However, this proved difficult, as my premature excitement was  a little too quick for Ticketmaster. Today, tickets went on sale for Wesbury theater, but I’ m holding out for the Staten Island show. It’s the boy’s home town, and hopefully I’ll get to join them when they come home to roost. Or die obsessing.

151430a impractical jokers, comedy, tv shows, tickets – Click to check out the Tenderloins Troupe


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