The Beefive ~ 5 Obsessions ~ Legends of the Fall

Beefive~ Legends of the Fall ~ 5 reasons why I love fall
1. Pumpkin doughnuts, the ubiquitous, delicious PSL, pumpkin spice latte, and new pumpkin spice M &M’s – I must try these! Available at Target 
2. Comfy sweatshirts. They’re bigger then ever right now, but I never really stopped wearing them, so instead of hitting the store, I just have to hit my closet. Some of my faves are my new Phillip Lim Pow sweatshirt, and old navy Maine hoodie, and this mint forever 21 raglan scoop neck sweatshirt. It’s so comfy, and I have been living in it.

Forever 21 raglan pullover, $20.00
3. Apple Picking. Still to this day, when the chill hits the air, and the season turns to fall, at 32, it still excites me to rent a car and head upstate. I over ambitiously pick apples, go thrifting, and get some pumpkins that will linger just a week too long in my apartment. It’s my favorite time of year. Now, with pinterest, my tradition takes on new meaning, as I find all the most amazing apple recipes I won’t make with the apples I picked. But maybe you will.
4. Halloween. More evidence of why this season is by far the best, one of my favorite times of year. When bad horror movies and classic ones play on repeat on Amc, fearnet, and more, and I can get away with buying a bag of mini snickers. When I was thirteen, I had black and orange braces for Halloween. Did I mention that also happened to fall on my bat-mitzvah… Yes, we sacrifice a lot for the things that make us smile, and halloween has always made me smile.
5. Fall Colors. Rich reds, deep burgundys, metallic beiges, and khaki greens rule the nail world, especially from the Chanel fall collection. They also ruled the runways.

Chanel makeup

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