The Beefive~ 5 Obsessions: It’s Not Easy Being Green on St. Patricks Day

I’m not Irish, or a big drinker, and in my old age of 33, I had previously vowed to never again partake in a St Patricks Day pub crawl, which I still feel two years later, was a very wise decision. And yet, I still found myself seeing green all week, and all around me. Stopping at H&M to return something, a bright green t-shirt held my attention for a moment longer then it should. I actually found myself purchasing a St Patricks Day Oreo doughnut at Dunkin Doughnuts. At the register the other day, after having picked up some bright mint nail polish, I couldn’t help but get matching tic tacs. Clearly, my clothes are not the only things I like to coordinate. And in the spirit of the holiday I’ve added some new items to the Beecharmer nyc collection. A small sampling of 4 leaf clovers necklaces, enamel charms, and shamrock earrings. Because we might not all have the luck of the Irish, but with the right amount of charm, you won’t need it.

Now go grab a doughnut, get a manicure, freshen your breath, rock some charm, down a pint, and celebrate what St. Patricks Day is apparently all about!

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1. Mint Oreo St. Patricks Day Doughnut. Available at Dunkin Doughnuts. See more here.

2. Aqua Verde Mint nail polish, 99 cents.

3. Wintergreen Tic Tacs.

4. Green with Envy Sterling silver 4 Leaf Clover enamel necklace, Beecharmernyc, $65. Buy it here.

5. Mint Nike Vintage style sweatpants. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s seemingly becoming more popular to wear sweatpants other then just for running errands, or the fact that I feel the need to obtain everything mint, but I have had my eye on these all week long. What do you think? Tres chic or Tres Costanza?

#sweatpants #nike #St Patricks Day #mint Nike ‘Gym Vintage’ Capri Pants’ , $40  at Click on pic to purchase 




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