The Beefive ~ 5 Easy Ways to Say I Love You

Every year Valentines Day comes around again. Couples exchange gifts, looks, or declare their love, while singles declare their lack of need for it. We all have our own ways of expressing love, or our feelings towards it, and that will most likely, never remain the same. Our lives, and feelings, like everything, is always changing.

Personally, I never really waivered much on my opinion of this day, whether single or attached, of which I’ve been both. Luckily for my boyfriend, I am incredibly easy to please. I take pleasure in the little things, the details, and to me, feeling loved can be as simple as a nice gesture, someone remembering something important, or just saying it. The love is reflected in the sentiment, not the cents. And that can happen every day, if you’re lucky. Below, five very easy ways to say I love you….


1. With a Card. The best card I’ve ever received was Valentines Day, 2014, as in yesterday. Simple in form and saying, and not a poem or long note written inside. But when I opened the card, immediately my favorite song, Happy Together, by the Turtles, and the one I mentioned on one of our first dates was my favorite, and occasionally thereafter noted as ‘our song’ started blasting from the inside of the card with a flashing “I love Us”. I don’t know if it was written in the stars that he would find that card for me, or just written in the Hallmark corporation, but I can’t imagine anything topping it.


2. With a Doughnut.

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3. With Pancakes 

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4. With Toast.

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5. With your Hands.

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