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Lately, I’ve been on a few random shopping sprees. Nothing too extraordinary, but enough to have my boyfriend exclaim that UPS has been visiting us a lot, and for me to notice the new shoe boxes by my bed are starting to pile up. Yes, although I’ve practiced much restraint and made myself proud these last few months, recently I’ve been slipping.

But can you blame me? With so many new things catching my eye this week, from a sale on Nate Berkus at Target, to the most amazing shoes at the site I usually just window shop at, I couldn’t help but partake in some of this spring fever. Even if its barely spring yet. This week I’m obsessed with all my new discoveries, some being amazing sales, the simple pleasures, and others that are worth the splurge.

1. Starbucks Vanilla Via Latte. When it comes to coffee, I am a creature of habit. Every morning, like clockwork, I wake up, head straight to the kitchen, and prepare my morning coffee. Many days, when I deem it allowed or treatable, I get my non fat latte from Starbucks. Grande on week-days, and venti on weekends, because for some reason I think the weekend allows me some extra pleasure I wouldn’t otherwise extend to myself. And though I never strive from what I know, I recently tried the via latte on the go pack in vanilla. Typically, in my experience, on the go coffees are never that great, even for Starbucks but I was surprised at the rate at which I slurped it down. The packs are $1.00, and make a full cup of vanilla latte, which I enjoyed in my favorite B mug, the ubiquitous  Anthropologie mug.

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2. Clinique Happy Heart. This is a twist on one of my favorite fragrances. The scent evokes spring, and I know if I get asked what I’m wearing, that I’m doing something right. Much like above, I shook up what I already knew, and couldn’t be happier.

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3. H&M $1 rings & knuckle rings. I know knuckle rings are everywhere right now, but I can’t help but love this dainy little arrow rings from H&M that only cost a few dollars. Found a great sale, where I got these, and an awesome starfish ring for only $1.

Been wearing this bracelet a lot this week, stacking it with my favorite monogram C. Wonder and vintage scarob bracelets. Perfect for your spring arm party! Good Luck Pendant bracelet, Beecharmernyc, $65.00

4. Nate Berkus for Target home collection sheets.  I have a slight addiction to weekly surfings on checking for deals and sick clearance items. Last week, on a recent splurge which included $10 platform sneakers, leather leggings on sale, and a baby gift, I found these Nate Berkus sheets on clearance for only $20. Though I usually pride myself at being up on every new Targe collection, this was one home collection I missed. Not only do they feel super soft, the color matches my decor perfectly. For more sales on Home, furniture, and more, check out Target and Save Up to 20% on select Upholstery Furniture, Valid 3/23-3/29

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5. My first purchase from Matchesfashion.comMother of pearl slip on sneakers. I love this website, and blog, and though its high luxury, I like to pretend I’m a socialite and money is no object when I spend time with them. Initially I felt guilty about this purchase; a great deal at 70% off but still expensive, but those feelings changed when I received the package in the mail. I felt like Darryl Hannah in Splash, who when receiving a gift from Tom Hanks, exclaims through happy tears, upon seeing the Tiffanys box, “There’s more?”. The big flowered box looked good enough to eat, and my new shoes sat inside in a dust bag, like a feast placed upon a tray. And I can’t wait to eat them up. But more on that shortly……

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