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The new year is only 13 days in, but it’s already given us a lot to celebrate. The new year, Awards Season, new fashions, trends, and premieres. I for one have been waiting since summer for the return of my girl, Lena Dunham to the screen. Lena went from talented writer, to superstar in a matter of months, and every one including me can’t wait to see her words hit the screen again tonight.

In preparation for today’s post, I wanted to do some research, in order to provide details on the five things I can’t wait to see on Girls tonight. However, I must admit that I selfishly halted that when I realized it would impede my desire to come into the premiere fresh, unaware and spoiler free.

Tonight’s  Season 2 of Girls will premiere on HBO at 9pm. And without (admittedly) knowing anything, I can’t wait to hopefully see:

1) The end of Adam, and the beginning of Michael Imperioli. We already saw a possible love connection at the end of last season, and although Adam appears to (sorry Lena, but UNrealistically) have changed his aloof, non commitment ways, it seems, at least at first, that Hannah’s mind is finally free of him. Plus a little christopher never hurt anyone….


2) Jessa in a normal relationship w/ another favorite. At the end of Season 1, wild child and free spirit Jessa surprised everyone with a impromptu wedding. Although it seemed like a sharp turn from the personality we watched all season, I have to admit, I kind of like the idea of Jessa finding a nice guy and falling in love. Although, I’m not sure how long it will last, as that does not usually make for must see tv.

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3) More of Zosia Mamet. On the premiere season of Girls, Shoshanna went through a lot. She struggled to lose her virginity, accidentally smoked crack, and finally found a partner in the sarcastic, dry Ray. Although she didn’t have a central story line, going into season 2 Shoshanna grows up, moves up, and finally gets a piece of the pie.

Zosia Mamet - for more on Zosia and the evolution of Shoshanna in season 2, click to read more Zosia Mamet – for more on Zosia and the evolution of Shoshanna in season 2, click to read more

4) How their style has developed. Jessa, the boho chic free spirit, Hannah, the wild card, Allison, upper east side prepster and naive, girly Shoshanna. Which one are you? 

5) Lena, Allison, Jemima and Zosia tonight, when they rival their own show’s premiere, at the Golden Globes, which airs at 8pm on nbc. Thank god for Dvr.

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