The BeeFive- 5 faBEElous obsessions this week~10/26/12~Haunted Island~ My favorite things about Halloween in Nyc

Once a year the island of Manhattan gets split up into two very distinct, segregated groups. Those who love, adore and obsess over Halloween; going full out with costumes, parties, themes, and spreading the love, and then there’s the others. The unspoken few who don’t dress up, don’t care, and don’t decorate little cupcakes with orange icing and sugary black bats. Those who choose to take advantage of something else the city has to offer that night… anything else.

But me, I, like so many others do not discriminate, and I also don’t fall into one of those two categories. I happen to love Halloween. My mom’s favorite holiday; she once fedexed me Halloween decorations in college with a note; “had to overnight these, but it was worth it- now get to hanging!” I love everything about Halloween, but whether it’s desire, or pure laziness, I never wind up getting too involved in the costumes. I was Audrey Hepburn/Holly Golightly three years in a row, complete with black dress, updo, tiara and long cigarette. 3 years ago I decided to be Lolita. A true testament to the un-well read society we live in, that almost no one knew who I was, except maybe one of my best friends, who also happens to work at Random-House. 2 years ago, in honor of my boyfriend at the time, I was an Indian princess, complete with authentic sari, and bindi, purchased on 26th and Lexington. And last but not least, last year, at the height of obsession, I emulated the icon, Melissa Gorga. Singer, fashionista, Yes, Real Housewife of NJ. (I got to show her pics of me dressed as her months later, but that’s another story)

Which brings me to this year. For the first time ever, I’ll be doing a “couple” costume, which brings me a certain element of corny happiness that I never thought I’d exude, but is also a tad scary. The task of creating something funny, clever, and not overly embarrassing is proving to be much harder then I thought. Here we are at Friday, and still, no costumes.

In a city where we’re all a little mad sometimes, what is more appropriate then one night where we all go a little mad together. And while I haven’t been obsessing much over my costume, there are a few other things I’ve chosen to focus on during these last, few, spooky island nights…..

1. SCARY MOVIES. Personally, I love them year round. Some are troubled by my penchant for horror.Sometimes classic, sometimes cheesy, but always enjoyable, and when I met my boyfriend, and found the one other person I’d ever known who would make a clear choice to watch Nightmare on Elm St on a Friday night, I knew I’d met my match. During this time of year, nothing makes me happier then a Friday the 13th AMC marathon. But outside the apartment, there are some other amazing ways to get your scare on, city -style.

*The Cannibal, in Murray Hill is featuring an all week event screening old horror movies, and pairing it with meat focused entrees. Tonight is three Friday the 13th movies in a row, with a side of steak, and kidney pie…. Jason would be proud. Read more here at

*For a more non traditional horror show, check out the Film Society at Lincoln Center, at their annual Horror Fest line up. This year features a remake of Maniac with Elijah Woods, and a new take on scary kids with Michael Fassbender. (The scary part is NOT that he’s naked throughout the whole movie, though)

Or to stay true to the original spirit, go to Clearview Cinemas, and catch a late showing of the original scary movie; Halloween.

2. Costumes. Like I said before…. some of us DO have the creativity, but fall short of the commitment and foresight to plan ahead. But no matter what category you fall into, don’t fret because there are a million and one ideas, from something easy, to something cheesy, to something that requires almost no planning. hmmm.. For some great ideas, check out two superb costume idea stories  Refinery29.

3. Pumpkins. I love to carve them out into a fun jack-o-lantern, pull out all the seeds, bake them, and then have a feast. I also create the most amazing recipes from pumpkins, and then serve them at my party. Oh wait, that’s not me, that’s Martha Stewart. But a girl can dream….

For what to make, Check out one of my favorite food blogs, What’s Cookin, for 15 things to do with pumpkin seeds.

And for other ideas, besides the slew of blogs, features, and tweets about Halloween, dive right into Pinterest (DUH), and find more recipes, ideas, and crafts then you could ever imagine. In this day and age, there is more then one way to skin a pumpkin.

Click on the picture to see more Halloween stuff at

4. Haunted Houses. For all the reasons I’ve already mentioned. A few weeks ago, a huge group of us went to do apple picking, wine tasting, and a Long Island “scream” park, complete with haunted, and fun houses. It was fun, and silly, but on the island of Manhattan they kick things up a notch and take things just a bit more seriously. Go get your scream on, but first check out They recently attended and then reviewed all the haunted houses on the island, and picked the 5 scariest. Take your pick….

And for an out of town treat, head up to DC for the weekend, stay at the Phoenix Park, mine and John Grisham’s favorite hotel, and go check out Dracula on stage. For more info and tickets click here

5. Shopping. I don’t think this needs any further detail. There is never a bad time to shop, and Halloween is no exception.

To get your charm on, view the Beecharmer jewelry collection on my ebay store. Currently running auctions for a movable skull head charm, a black enamel bat, and movable skeleton. (Just fyi, skeleton earrings are available upon request and kinda awesome)… Email me for special requests, or go get bidding!

For more fun, kitschy Halloween shopping, go check out to go-to for Kitsch- Fred Flare.

Honorable Mention: Halloween Cocktails 

And happy Halloween everybody!!!! 

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