The BeeFive- 5 faBEElous obsessions this week~10/12/12~ Legends of the Fall

I’ve been terrible at keeping up with my weekly obsessions. Not that I’ve stopped having them, but we all know how life can sometimes get so busy, we’re so busy living we forget to write about it! I remember back when I was a little girl, there were hundreds of diary entries of teenage angst, woe, drama in the tiniest of places, but large chunks of time randomly missing in between. Why? I was busy being a teenager.

What more fitting way to bring it back then with an obsession that lasts 2-3 months long. My intense love of the Island of Manhattan between the months of September to Late November. I know, I know, I’ve mentioned it a million times before, but every year, it changes just a little bit. And even though the weather is already getting colder, and this quickest of seasons almost seems 3/4 over, I’m still mentally right in the midst of:

1. The Essie Fall Collection.

Essie Fall Collection; Recessionista, Skirting the Issue, and Stylenomics. Emerald Floating Ring; bought on Portobello Road in London.

2. Celebrating Everything Pumpkin flavor. Some people get annoyed by it, but this New Yorker just loves the fact that for one whole month or two, almost anything you want, you can get in pumpkin flavor. Pumpkin muffin anyone? My ultimate favorite, the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. And now what’s the latest to be added to the list? Beer. So now even guys can get pumpkified….

sarnac pumpkin ale

3. Apple & Pumpkin picking. Yes, it’s the time of year when manhattanites all scamper off one island and onto another… the long one. Or maybe even if they’re feeling adventurous, leave the state. Some might take it for granted but New Yorkers, though they can be stubborn, tough, and cynical somehow grow a yearly, universal soft spot for things like foliage, and a freshly baked cinnamon doughnut. I for one, have definitely fallen victim to the relentless, corny tradition of getting a car, going upstate (which in my mind is everything outside of Manhattan), browsing a antique market, picking some apples, and picking that one, perfect pumpkin. I have my own personal rituals, like the Elephants Trunk in New Milford, Ct, but more on that later. For other ideas on the best farms to get your apples, hayrides, and hot cider check out Time out.

4. Starry, Mild Nights, that only happen on a perfect fall night every so often. So next time, don’t let the evening pass you by.


5. Fall Fashion. We all know it. We all, mostly love it. It’s a special time. A craved time when we can prance around in chunky sweaters, without any jackets and be just fine, or wear a light top with only  a scarf or blazer.  We’ve left the confines of heat, but we’re not completely dictated yet by the brazen cold. It’s our time to play. There’s chunky sweaters, oversized blazers, new work wear, new trends in shoes, accessories and of course the ultimate in fall 101. Back to School. Or for everyone not signing in for the semester, back to fall.



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