The BeeFive- 5 faBEElous obsessions this week~ 8/3/12~ PINTERESTing reading….

So most people that know me well, know that I am typically very, very late to the technology party. I am just now, obsessing over my ‘crackberry’, which makes people cringe and laugh, since as I am just finding this gadget, most have already gotten rid of theirs, and are on iphone… what 5, 6, 12? I can’t keep up. I was Not, however, late to the Pinterest party… I’ve been on it for a long time now, before it blew up to what it is now. But, I can confidently say, I’ve never really obsessed over it, pinning for hours at a time… until now. This week, somehow, I was mesmerized by it, skimming, looking, liking, and pinning all over town. Collaging is my favorite art form, and this in essence, is high tech collaging at it’s finest. But since one link, leads to another, which leads to another, it makes this a hobby, (or career), that apparently never has a ending.
And so I end this friday happily ever after……..or do I?

This week, the things that caught my eye and kept my attention were:

1) This picture which caught my eye. Not only did i immediately want the sweatshirt (about to be incredibly appropriate in the next few months), but I loved the pic. (Repinned many times, but from – click here to check it out

2) New blogs that you find accidently, and then, start loving. I wouldn’t have found this otherwise, but the picture led me to an awesome tumblr, which then led me to this blog accordingly, which I have promptly obsessed over all week. Rosie had me at her sweatshirt, which I also loved, and am now excitedly waiting to receive in my own mailbox. (pictures to come!)And not only do I love her pictures, and her style, but I kinda want to be friends with her…. at least¬† in an online kinda way….

Check out thelondoner by clicking the picture

3) THIS pinterest set by Maddy Westby; Inspiration Station, which is just…. Amazing. I couldn’t stop looking at it… and being inspired. I couldn’t even pick one out to suck you guys in, so I suggest just… clicking.

4) Food, shoes, rings, and really cool quotes I couldn’t stop reposting, from this pinterest account, vmac+cheese. A great quote from something else that I loved, led me to her, and each set was better then the next, featuring a great mix of blogs, images, including her own, vmac+cheese, which I have also added to my roster.

5) This necklace,which I must have. I found it through Fabulous Fashion, which led me to the website, Shabby Apple.

The honey bee…. $60.00 Click to see website, and more goods

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