The BeeFive- 5 faBEElous obsessions this week~ 6/8/12~ With this Blog, I thee Wed

Have their cake, and eat it too

Although my love of obsessing has not stopped, lately my upkeep with the Beefive has, which stinks, but I hope to change that. I will say, one thing I never thought I would utter is, lately, I’ve had weddings on the brain. Not as a participant of one, or friend of one’s, or as a planner of one, mine or otherwise.. But trust me, YOU’LL be the first to know.. But I have been on the arm of at least one of the above a few times last month, add in that one of my best friends is planning her own for later this year, and well, like I said, it’s been on the brain.

It is, after all, wedding season. A stroll through Central Park on  Sunday doesn’t include just hand holding, and picture taking, and little kids w/ ice cream on their face. This time of year it also includes running into brides all over the place, taking pictures, posing w/ their girls, or even getting married right under that oak tree you just passed. Brides are abound, stores are overflowing w/ bridal themes, and for an island filled with hungry girls (and I’m not talking about food), the visual overload can be challenging to ignore.

I’m personally pretty happy where I am, so that sensation hasn’t really hit my bloodstream quite yet. But I do love Love, and with everything around us, it’s hard not to be a little affected. So I’m not obsessed with getting married, but a few things I have been obsessed with are:

1) Taking it all in. For the wedding I went to upstate, the best thing I saw all day was a groom who uncharacteristically surprised his bride by romantically, and unabashedly learning the bride’s first language, and reciting all his vows in russian. At another wedding I was mesmerized by the bride’s seemingly customized, crystal encrusted Louboutins…

I don’t know these people, but thousands of sunday morning stroller alongers were their guests…

2) The Cake 


3) Getting to be there the moment a bride finds “The Shoe”. I had a little something to do with talking her into this purchase, which will give me great pleasure when I see them officially walk down the aisle. Everyone needs a little Cho in their life, and these were worth every penny.

Click here to buy them for your wedding, or just for that Saturday night date

4) Putting together a wedding collection for my jewelry line, Beecharmer. What bride doesn’t need a great charm bracelet to match those amazing shoes, and dress, right? These make a great bridesmaid gift, shower favor, or just special gift, and since they’re all vintage, they can be your “something old”, as well as something charming…..

Sterling SIlver Wedding rings, available for special order. Please email with request Custom designed wedding charm bracelet. Design your own. Available for purchase upon request… Sterling SIlver movable marriage license, I love this charm! Available to purchase upon request…

 See more on my ebay store here….

5) The Entire Kate Spade Bridal Collection… Some of it I just want for myself.. is that wrong? Why should brides get all the cool stuff….

WEDDING BELLES PASSPORT HOLDER – $78.00 – Click here to buy

Cute Bridesmaid gifts to go w/ their charm bracelet….

BRIDESMAID GIA COSMETIC- $78.00- click here to buy



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