The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week

1)  Source Code- I saw it this weekend and was reunited with my long lost love, Jakey G– Often I think back to those 2 interludes back in 1999, and wonder what could have been had my actions been different….what could have been –  Of course there is a story here, but you’ll just have to ask me about it to find out 🙂 But that was 1999- and in 2011,if I want to get close, my best bet is a movie screen….This movie is exciting, and if you want a good time, or a good date, I definitely say go. But if you want to have ZERO discussion, and leave with any understanding of what you just saw… maybe you should try Hop.

2)TRUE ID w/ Aprhodite Jones on new ID channel – My new random obsession – first it was Toddlers and Tiaras b/c for some strange reason I’m fascinated by reality shows on little miss pageant queens and their crazy moms. In the same (admittedly strange) vein, when I saw the commercial for this premiere episode was Jon benet Ramsey, the true story I immediately became oddly fascinated. When it was over I kept watching, the Scott Peterson story. Tonight is Anna Nicole Smith. I wish I had DVR!



THIN MINTS Girl Scout Cookies– The last time I got my hand on thin mints was when I lived in the lovely town of State College, PA, and the little townie girl-scouts would sit on the street and sell their cookies for $5. For years, I dreamed of these thin mints- I yearned for them- and when randomly a few weeks ago someone at work went around hocking her child’s girl scout cookies, I unabashedly ordered 3 boxes. I implore you to not enjoy these cookies-  but before you test this – do this first please- put them in the freezer….

4) Outfits that can BEE chic, without bee-ing Pricey If I had a quarter for every time someone asked me if something was a certain designer label, and I had to admit (or not) that it wasn’t, I would be a rich woman. So rich I could go out and buy the designer version.











True Blood handbag line- by Hammitt (pic-

5) True Blood inspired handbag line by Hammitt Los Angeles— Once summer rolls around, the only place I am on a Sunday night at 9 pm is relaxing, and watching HBO — This year I’ll have a premiere party for my fellow blooders—And now, in a strange twist, HBO has teamed up with brand Hammitt to produce a line of true blood inspired handbags. I have to say, I am a HUGE Bill/Sookie fan, they have my heart, but the ERIC bag might have my arm..

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