The Bee-Five- 5 faBEElous obsessions this week~ the last rites… My final obsessions of 2011

Much like a wedding that you plan for months in advance, we are overwhelmed with advertising, christmas music, santas on the street, sales everywhere, tinsel and more cheer then we know what to do with. We prepare months in advance, but then in a blink, it’s all over. And we go back to our regular lives, awaiting the next 364 days until it’s return. Christmas 2011 is over. But this year was a bit different for me; I broke a 7 year tradition of going to Pennsylvania and stayed in New York. I finally got my white christmas tree. And that dream I’ve always had of opening presents under a tree while the fire cackles in front of us (sorry, fellow jews); I can check that off the list also… Kind of. I spent it surrounded by friends, food, and some amazing presents. And I finally got a ring. Not that kind… otherwise I’d be shouting this from the rooftops, and not writing it in my bee-five. A bunch of people asked me, what does it mean, and I thought to myself does it necessarily have to mean anything? Oh, ‘well a ring like that usually means something’ I hear… I guess, it just means “love” I replied. So as December draws to a close, and I head for sunnier skies for New Years, I’m left with one final obsession for 2011. Love.Seems to be a case of this going around I think. It’s so bad it might continue into 2012…….

1) My new Ring, which does in fact mean A THING unlike the Real Housewife song, and although I agree with J Lo that my love doesn’t cost a thing, a gorgeous rock from the man you love certainly doesn’t hurt. It might not cost a thing, but my love does look good in gold. Just sayin….


2) This awesome Kate Spade gift that I got for one of my best friends; it’s a money clip that says Nest Egg. I just love the packaging. Kate Spade packaging is almost as good as the gift itself. And the color is close to another colored box that one jumps for joy upon receiving… 

kate Spade Money clip - $20.00

3) And this absolutely Amazing bracelet I found at the Brooklyn Flea last weekend. It’s an original vintage Robert and I actually purchased it BECAUSE it looked like a Kate Spade piece. I bargained a, ‘can you do better than 35’ mantra, but she stuck to her guns, and I caved due to desperation. Turns out the bracelet is a collectible worth over $250.o0. Well, at least if I wasn’t blessed with good bargaining tactics, I was blessed with a very good eye. 

bracelet- above- Vintage Robert, thrifted. $35.00

4) Amazing presents like my new hair straightener, Vogue Covers book, workout clothes, a really cool lomography pink camera, OPI nail polish, yoga bag….. 


5)Most importantly, a life that allows me to have an amazing holiday; competitively playing Scattergories, while chowing down on homemade food, and drinking mimosas till you pass out.

Christmas Eve Dinner at my best friends house-

And brunch the next day at Our house... I made the french toast!

The icing on the cake

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