The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week – Sept 23rd, 2011

This week’s bee-five is theme based, since clearly I have something on the brain. This week, my obsessions are all food -based about:

1) The Five course Dinner at BLUE HILL @ STONE BARNS. Tarrytown, New York. I planned a very extravagant dinner here last Friday night, for one of my best friend’s birthdays, as we all got whisked away on the metro Hudson line, to the magical land of … Westchester. It was the most expensive meal I’ve ever eaten, but also one of the most exciting. 5 courses, including some “pre-courses”, all made completely fresh and locally on the farm that the restaurant is literally located on. This place was so classy, my handbag had it’s own seat. Needless to say, once we arrived, the slightly stuffy dining room got just a tad cooler. And 2 bottles of wine, and an endless array of samplings later our car service (actually make that someone’s car) was waiting to drive us back to the city. Island hopping is one of my favorite things to do on a weekend, especially when it introduces me to such amazing places and restaurants.

Gazpacho w/ fresh vegetables

A highlight- Baby tomato burgers


Spices, and little spoons! so cute

Nobody puts my gold bag in the corner

I think she was surprised… what do you think?

2) Sunday Funday DJ brunch at Paradou in Meatpacking, NY. The half outside garden is not only cute, it’s made even cuter by the white picket fence circling the perimeter of the restaurant. When we got there, tables filled with herds of girls were talking, practicing the timeless art of Sunday NYC brunch.  By the end, those same groups were moving, shaking, and dancing. Including some of the members of my own party.. But I won’t disclose any more details as to protect the innocent from their Sunday shenanigans…

okay, you can fence me in

The “Wake and Bake” breakfast- Paradou’s antidote to the Sunday hangover… It’s what I ordered of course. Over easy eggs and grits. (bacon handed off moments later…)


The last 29th Birthday Desert she will ever have in this lifetime

3) MARI VANNA in Flat Iron, NY. The funny thing is, I have been wanting to eat here forever, ever since I stumbled upon it this Summer. Then I planned on featuring it in a post about restaurants in new york that are modeled after houses. And then last night, after a few events, I wound up getting invited to a friend of a friend’s dinner at … low and behold, Mari Vanna. This is a Russian inspired restaurant, serving Russian flavor, food, ambience, and imitation at it’s finest. The restaurant almost resembles an old country house with pictures, dolls, antiques, and a very pleasing decor. I had a total blast. Next up– truly authentic Russian experience which means another island hopping adventure into Brighton Beach… To be Continued…

Amazing appetizers at Mari Vanna - I love Beets

An Accordian Player in the middle of dinner always jazzes things up a bit

4) The Malaysian Noodle Festival in Chelsea next Tuesday. Technically, this is not a restaurant I just recently frequented, but it is food related, and I also have technically been thinking about it all week long. Thinking about how delicious it sounds, and how bummed I am that it’s in the middle of the day, and I have no legitimate way of escaping the office to go down there and eat them… but maybe you can?? If you do, let me know how it was, and which was your favorite…

5) A new Food Truck that I can actually get excited about. I know the big craze these days is food trucks everywhere, but for some reason, I have yet to get into this. In fact, I’ve never gotten food from any of them. But in just reading about this new one,  Milk Truck, on Thrillist the other day, I was so intrigued, I went to the website. I love grilled cheese sandwiches, especially with tomatoes, and when it’s raining out, so this is one stop I’ll be making. 

Read more on and find out where to find the Milk Truck, or to read more about them on facebook, click here


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