The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week – October 14th, 2011

Excuse my absence lately… I’ve been ignoring the island and all the things that keep me obsessed with it. So the BEE-FIVE is back finally! And this one counts for last week, so I’m a little behind.. Keep up!!!

This week (10/14) I’m totally obsessed with:

1) My Harrods Tin filled with cookies and biscuits. One of the best things about having British friends, is that when they go home, they bring you back your favorite thing, which is Harrods cookies; or more importantly the tin they come in. Hmm, what will I put in it, when I’m done eating every last one??



2) SECOND CHANCES. Britney spears, Michael vick, Elliot spitzer, Bill Clinton, Eminem. This society really loves a comeback, especially if before it’s made, you were really, really down, which makes it even better.
With just as much zeal as it took to watch your misery and bring you down, the same veracity is given to the comeback, and the grittier your story the better.
I recently came face to face with a comeback of sorts; not my own, but a close friend, who is turning their life around and basically starting all over, catapulted back into a world where everything looks the same, but is completely different. A lot has changed, including them.  And only time will tell if a comeback is true to it’s maker, but one thing that is universal is the ability to allow a second chance, and only then can we move forward in life. It’s never too late to try again. 


3) Indian Summers. Fall is by far, my favorite season. There is nothing like Fall in New York City. Sure, we don’t have ample foliage overflowing the streets, or pumpkins and hot cider on every street corner. But fall on the island is more of a mindset; new cable knit tights, a subway car filled with boots, instead of flip flops, and chunky sweaters with leggings. I am a little obsessed lately; although the only thing better then a brisk day, is a brisk day with a slight chill in the air that is simultaneously oddly warm. That is a New York City Indian Summer.

4) New Music. Specifically, the Drive soundtrack, which I mentioned last week. There’s only 3 key songs, but they are on constant repeat and god, they are sooo good. The new Kayne West Jay Z album. I didn’t think I would be into this collaboration, but when I found myself singing “Sweet baby Jesus”, and reciting the Will Ferrel/Jon Heder interlude on Niggas in Paradise, I realized it was actually genius. And of course, the hotly anticipated new Drake, whose release date has just been pushed back. But at least we still have the first single. In a word. Sick.

5) Melissa Gorga.I have the wig. I have the voice. I have praise jesus down flat. Next stop, best Halloween costume EVER. Even though recently, when I attended the New Jersey Fashion and Beauty week event, I missed her by one night, I still feel like we were there together in spirit. I heard On Display come on, and my eyes widened brightly, but alas, it was just a track, and no Melissa. This NJ housewife, personally my favorite, never gets old, and I can’t wait to see what she wears, sings, and prays to next. Until then, I’ll have to settle for my Halloween Costume. I can’t wait to put it on Display… On display, On display……….


Click here to see and listen to her single On Display

To read more on Melissa, and all the other NJ housewives, check out the blog RealityTea, which has some great recaps.


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