The Bee-Five- 5 faBEElous obsessions this week – December 2nd, 2011: A Very Merry Un-Birthday to You, and You….

It comes once a year, you enjoy it while it’s here, some more then others, and then when it’s over, you don’t think about it again until the next time it comes around; reminding you that time is fleeting, and as the years increase, the faster they go. It’s not Christmas, no, and it’s not tax time. It’s your birthday. That magical few hours when everyone really cares about you; what you’re wearing, what you’re thinking, what you’re doing. Blowing out your candles is a major event; camera’s flying, lights flashing. For that one night you feel special. Then the next day you go back to the rest of the 364 days of the year that no one pays attention to anyone or anything in between working, screwing and commuting to work. Ahh, but what a blissful few hours. Last week, while reminiscing about those few hours back in mid November, I thought of what stayed in my mind. And though the moment has passed, I was totally obsessed with:

1) The fact that the Empire State Building that week ironically happened to remind me of a birthday cake. Sometimes little things on this crazy island make you second guess coincidences.

Make a Wish~ from my bedroom window

2)  My Free birthday drink at Starbucks. God, registering for that Gold card was so worth it…..



3)  Surprises when you least expect them. Some people love surprises; other’s love planning their own. Me; I have truly never given it much thought. I’ve never walked into a dark room, having 100 people jump out at me. But the week of my birthday, I did walk into a dark room, and have something even better jump out at me….


4)The Crumbs cupcakes that I got from my bosses at work; my bosses of only a week no less. I indulged in the Red Velvet, so as not to be rude of course.

5) My birthday presents. Lets be honest. Everyone loves presents. And I am no different. Whether it’s clearly not wrapped by the giver, but still charming and lovely just the same, not the gift itself, but a picture of anticipation, or something you can put on right away, I cherish the ones I got, but more importantly I cherish the people that gave them to me. Because as we all know, the future is a gift. Or in this case, the present.

My new monogram Evil eye necklace... someone knows me very well

I am going to the be the proud owner of my very first pair of Louboutins courtesy of one of the best friends a girl can have

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