The Bee-Five- 5 faBEElous obsessions this week~ Dec 16th, 2011- Island Fantasies: Bee's Holiday 2011 Wish List I

The holiday’s aren’t approaching, they are basically…HERE. And for once I a) knew exactly what I was getting for everyone b) book-marked and tagged it right away and c)I’m almost done, except for a few, last clicks to go….

I remember growing up, my mom would get me 2 presents each night of hannukah, a small and a large. Which if you do the math equals, that’s right, 16 gifts!!! When we were (or for some of you) ARE kids, the sky’s the limit. The phrase Wish List actually exists. Lists were physically sent to our parents, and if you had good ones, you receive some of the stuff on the list.

But sigh, as we grow up, these lists become more metaphorical then real, and usually if you attempt to say what you want, it’s returned with a sigh, grown, or maybe a laugh. I don’t really get presents the way I used to; so this really does apply to me. But as crazy as it sounds, I actually love giving gifts. That act in itself makes me happy, even if I don’t always get my wish list karma-ed back to me. At this age, generally speaking, if you want something, be it a new job, a new man, a happier life, or that new cappuccino maker you saw on tv you can only ask one person to make it happen: YOURSELF.  

And it’s the one time of year you can truly say the gift is in the giving… So in that vein,  these are the top five things I’m obsessed with this week, that go right on the top of my Wish List:

1) Anything on Belle & Clive, the new flash site from that everyone is talking about. It launched this week, so just sign up to receive membership, and get access to exclusive brands, and sales. But be careful, because once you do, you’re going to have to practice serious self control. Several items have already fallen into my web of obsession… or shopping cart. Whatever you want to call it. Click here to request membership and start getting access to amazing brands. (Ps, I would go now, b/c the Vintage Chanel auction is not to be missed)

2) Cheese Baskets from Murray’s Cheese. You know when you buy something for someone, and they open it, and say, oooh, that’s what I wanted. And you know they are so lying to you. If I happened to say this to you, and the aforementioned gift was in front of me, #1, it would not be a lie. And # 2, you go to the top of my list as the most awesome person of all time. Please note that in place of a basket, it can also be a piece of paper in an envelope telling me I’ve just been inducted into a very special club. A cheese of the month club. And once this happens, then these amazing accessories I can take care of myself… (from’s blog,

Yes, I would like some cheese w that wine

3) A Bowflex Treadclimber. Because after all that cheese, clearly I’m going to need to get in a workout, and since it’s getting so cold out, and my motivation levels seem to be alarmingly low these days, what better way to work on my fitness then in the privacy and luxury of my own bedroom. I truly believe this will get a lot of use. Then again, I said that the last time, and it kind of became my second closet.

$1900 on

4) A Lifetime supply of Blueprint Cleanse. Or maybe just a week supply. A few months ago, I wrote about my first experience w/ Blueprint, and since then, a lot has changed. For one, I’ve done the 3 day twice. I also now, have incorporated it into my diet as more of a lifestyle, then a cleanse/fast. I buy them 8-10 at a time at Wholefoods, and drink them all week long. I’ve also basically completely depleted my monthly living funds, and instead of buying organic and healthy foods to go w/ the juice, have to eat tuna fish and ramen noodles… Ok, I’m kidding, but considering how much I enjoy these juices, and they seem to have taken a liking to me as well, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I just wish they could reciprocate.

5)This machine. Holy crap, I want this machine. This Nescafe Dolce Gusto started out as something I saw on an infomercial, when I accidentally, and groggily woke up from a peaceful slumber at 5 am about a month ago. I went to annoyingly turn off my tv, and my light (which of course I fell asleep with both on), when I became completely entranced by what laid before my eyes. This machine. I woke up. I turned up the volume. I became enthralled, unable to look away or go back to sleep. Cappuccino that comes out like a keurig  coffee? An iced latte in 1 minute? No more emergency trips to Starbucks in my jammies? I must have this machine.

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