The Bee-Five- 5 faBEElous obsessions this week

1. John Frieda Beach Waves. As usual, another AMAZING product bites the dust, but lives on, on Amazon and Ebay. This product is perfect for undercover curlies like me. In shame, I hide my true self, constantly showing the world another side. A straight side. But I can stand the curly, when it’s done right. And this John Frieda discontinued product hits the mark.Too bad it’s near impossible to find. If you can find it for under $100, let me know….

A girl with a curl






2. The Summer Ice cream truck. You hear the music, approaching like a Jaws movie, and then the big white truck emerges, landing itself on your corner for the next 3 1/2 months. It’s summer in the city. Nothing else that satisfies that much costs only $2!

I'm Soft on You






3. Macaron Cafe. . Umm still obsessed. Just check it out…. soo good, and get the Capri sandwich.






4. My Passport. I’m trying to get it returned to me, with a new book for my big upcoming trip. Made me think of another passport I stumbled upon.





5. ROSS STORES discount shopping. Again, Still very much obsessed

From left, Floppy straw beach hat, $5. Nine west stiletto sandals, $22. Aloe vera socks, $3. Swim goggles $5

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