The Bee-Five- 5 faBEElous obsessions this week

Since I fled the island early last weekend for the holiday, I was unable to post my weekly 5 obsessions- So here they are- This is for last week– I already have all new,exciting things to obsess over this week, luckilly : )

1)Heavy rotation of my new Barneys bag for summer. And bringing all my summer bags out of hibernation- Hello Kate and Marc, welcome back!!

2)Sample sales. Because never has a $100 dress seemed like a better bargain and a better reason to spend money then when you’re comparing it to it’s original $385 retail. Apparently, the older I get, the higher my threshold for a good deal gets.Last week at the Theory sample sale I snagged two amazing dresses, one of which I will be wearing to my friend’s 30th this weekend. Last week at Tibi, thank god nothing fit, much to the disappointment of the jappy sales girls, but much to my happiness and empty wallet. Next up is Tocca, my personal favorite, DVF, where I hope to score at least one deal, and then the Mecca, the homeland; the calling for all girls everywhere to line up in masses to score deals that if featured in the store, instead of a nameless 3 story warehouse would probably not get a second glance by most of the people lined up to purchase it- and that lady is Ms Tory Burch. Starts June 14th- bring your wallet- and a taser For more info on upcoming sample sales click here
3) One of my favorite things about NYC in the summer is the abundance of outdoor food markets. Last week I went to the Madison Square Park food market; a cramped stretch of island between 22nd and 23rd street. Between busy car and bus riding streets, essentially in the center of city traffic is a stretch of triangular land, which for a few weeks, is housing some of the best street food from different NYC eateries. Last week I went there with my friend, and though the choices were vast; Mexican street food, tacos, Momufuku noodle bar, we decided on Asia Dogs. Our dogs; hers real, mine chicken came with a variety of interesting toppings, and bright colors. We took our dogs, and our drinks and sat in between the two busy streets of broadway and 5th avenue, in a section that had been turned into a cement lounge. Between the honking, and the flickering of stop lights as the city turned from day to dusk, we enjoyed our dinner. Only in New York.


















4) Lately I have found myself obsessed with Bethenny Frankel. I find a lot of parallels between us, and since she is the loud crazy standout that finally found her happy, I findmyself relating to her, or wanting to relate to her more and more. My new thing is that I want to read her new book, A Place of Yes. I am also obsessed with putting a few other biographies on my summer play list. Namely, Furious Love; the biography of the love affair between Richard Burton, and Liz Taylor, because it just sounds fascinating, and also Jillian Michael’s Unlimited. I don’t really know if I believe yet that a book can change your whole perspective, but I’m willing to give it a try.











5) Hottie of the week – Chris O’ Dowd. Even though Jon Hamm is hot any way you cut it, the guy who you leave swooning over when you see Bridesmaids is the other one. Now, me I always fancy geeky hot over pretty hot, so I already love him. And any guy who wakes u up after a night of passion with cooking supplies and the idea of cooking breakfast together is automatically a keeper.

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