The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week

I now pronounce you.... royality ---

1) Kate Plus… The whole World- The Royal Wedding– I have to make a confession. I really don’t care about the Royal wedding. But since the rest of the world seems to, and I can’t get ready any morning for the past month without hearing, or watching a segment on it, I’m featuring it as an obsession, just not mine. Finally after all that, it culminated in again, accidentally watching part of it this morning. And like most celebrations, after all that talking, obsessing, and planning, just like that, it was over. As a true romantic, I will say it was beautiful, if not a bit stuffy. And I will have to relive it again later, after attempting to locate some sort of head piece, and finding an outfit suitable for watching, while eating tea sandwiches, and pretending my friends house is a flat in London. Cheerio darling!

2) Hot guysI don’t know if it’s the finally warm weather, or my friskiness, but this week, some guys have been heavy on the radar. A girl can look, can’t she.


Mark Ruffalo, because suddenly he seems to be EVERYWHERE, from the Cover of Details this month, to guest editing the Metro NY paper on Earth Day (a great idea, I must add). And mainly… well, see The Kids are All right, and there will be no questions as to how or why you could fall for him.

Getting Down and Dirty with Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe, from Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs– umm, Am I allowed to say he is one, fine DILF
Adam Levine, of Maroon Five, who seems to have gained some weight– and suddenly got really attractive– when did he get so good looking??
Lastly, Bobby Cannavale, who I’ve liked for a long time, back when he used to be on Law & Order. Lately, he is everywhere also, starring in Win, Win, and on Broadway with Chris Rock

3) Ooh baby I like it Raw-Raw foods & Blueprint Cleanse. I’ve already posted on my raw foods cherry being popped when I started the 3 day Blueprint juice cleanse.I’m 48 hours in, and I must say, feeling pretty good. This morning, I had lots of energy,and I’m LOVING the juices. Really! They all taste delicious, much to my surprise; my favorite is yellow, the lemonade concoction and I’m trying to figure out how to budget drinking them on the regular.The answer might just be investing in a juicer, and doing the Blueprint at home. Luckily though,it will be end just as my packed weekend begins, b/c I might have willpower, but one thing I don’t really have is control. It’s easy to only drink juice all day & night while at work,working out, or as in my case last night, running around serving dinner at the Bowery mission.But when you’re at a friends house for a royal wedding party, going out to dinner, going to a burlesque club, and having girls over for a shopping party, these things involve good food, and alcohol. My heart might want to resist, but my mind and my stomach will not agree. I’m not the girl at the party who says, ‘oh me, no I’m not drinking tonight’, I’m the girl sitting home alone in her room, b/c she can’t allow herself to be persuaded by the forces. But soon the cleanse will end, and so will my willpower… and take form in the shape of a glass of persecco and a slice of cheese..

4) The Revlon Walk– I will be doing it this Saturday with a few friends— You should support this amazing cause. Come to walk, or just cheer someone one— I’m sure the only thing that separates you, from someone participating is 1 or 2 degrees.

H&M Conscious Collection - Denim shorts $20

5) H&M Conscious Collection-I haven’t been into H&M in a while, which is a good thing, as every time I do go in, I drop at least $100. The other day I went w/a friend returning something, and of course a 2 minute errand turned into me scouring the racks, usually followed by the sentence, oh my god, Sooooo cuuuuute. After 6 so cutes, and several, ‘I want these’, my friend tore me away from the peach silky scallop shorts that were only $15. These are a bargain, Angie, I have to have them I screamed- Bee, they are a size 10!! Which leads me to one of my favorite 4 word sentences I might tend to overuse. I’ll make it work. She disagreed, and so I was forced to not make it work. Probably for the best, but I’ve been known to buy many sizes above my own, out of sheer desire. Buying for buying sake. Whether or not it fits really doesn’t apply, when you really want something. Much like with a man, the outcome isn’t the desire, the acquiring is…. So instead, I walked away with a pair of cute shorts only 1 size too big. Nobody said love’s perfect… But apparently shopping isn’t either.

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