The Bee-Five- 5 faBEElous obsessions this week~ 3/25/12- Stay Hungry… Hunger Games Mania

I’ve been lagging quite a bit in the Beefive department as of late, and with Spring emerging, I’m hoping that like the weather, I can be refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to start obsessing all over again. And with so many new fashions, restaurants, events, styles, music, and more all over the island in the coming warmer months, I’m sure there will be no shortage of things on my must do/must have/ must see/must wear list. For starters, my Hunger Games obsession, that I have widely discussed in past months is finally upon us. And though I certainly am not a die hard compared to some, I will say I awoke Saturday morning, dancing in my kitchen as I made my morning coffee, eagerly awaiting 1:40 pm at the Union Square theater. In honor of Hunger Games, and the return of my Beefive, this week’s five is dedicated to everything hungry

1) The Fashion. The excitement over Hunger Games is not solely focused on stabbings, fightings, and mamings, but also the fashion. The story of the style is pretty powerful, and sure to spin many different fashions, looks and inspirations. Effie’s look is undeniably powerful and purposeful, from the makeup to the poufy, almost victorian clothing. The look of Katniss however, from the inception of a girl with braids, and drab clothing, into a Capitol star, then to a warrior out for survival, and of course back to a victorious glamour girl doesn’t only show the style, it almost tells the story without words.  

Here are some of Katniss’s different looks, and how you can be inspired to dress the part.

At the interview, Katniss stunned in a red one shoulder with some serious spin factor

Luxury Style

Oscar De La Renta- $5,000 @ - click here

Or try this more affordable option in the same vein…

NOTTE BY MARCHESA- Ruched Chiffon Bust Dress - on sale $347- click here

Adam Denim shirt dress- on sale $104- click here

Katniss's utilitarian look in the games is sure to up the ante with the anorak craze already in stores now -

Kate Hill Anorak jacket $90- Lord and - click here to buy

If you want to get even more inspiration on how to dress like Katniss, there is certainly no lacking in this category- Here are some other interesting fashion mash-ups:

2) The Hair. It is an obvious cause and effect that popular movies spark worldwide trends. I think the next huge movie that will do this will be Great Gatsby, but for now, Hunger Games reigns supreme. Besides the apparel, another hot look inspired by the movie are the braids Katniss wears; specifically the double braid, which is also poignant in the movie as the defining physical feature lovelorn Peeta reminisces about. And with a bevy of bloggers and websites sporting tutorials and videos, you too can soon be sporting your own double and side braids. 

For a perfect tutorial check out Stylelist here 

Or more ideas here at Popsugar 

3) The Beauty. Months before Hunger Games finally hit theaters, the beauty industry capitalized on the Capitol Style; most notably with a variety of Hunger Games inspired Nail polishes, including an entire Nail collection from China Glaze with movie inspired names and blends. Though most of Katniss remains fresh faced and rugged in the movie, the look of the capitol, and Effie illustrates a captivating look complete with white powder skin and strong, bright lips and eyes. 

Nail down all the colors with the collection from China Glaze

funky Hunger games inspired nail art from click here for the tutorial

Nails Mag also nails more hunger nail art that is sure to look HOT- literally!

4) The Mocking Jay.  As to be expected, another trend that Hunger Games has generated is a array of designers whose creative outlet has been fueled by the series. As a result, Mocking Jay’s, an important symbol in the books are a big new trend, found all over necklaces, rings, and like the movie, pins.  

On Etsy, you can find a variety of cool designs all ranging in cool factor and price. This is just a small sampling of my favorites…

Turning the Page has taken the words right off the page- literally with this bracelet,made from pages of the book. At $10, it's a pretty creative way to show your super fan-ness.

I love this bracelet/ ring combo - $6.99 @ Touch Soul

I absolutely love this take on a hunger games design. Vans never looked so fiery and cool! $80 from ChicRobot

5) The Books. With all this exciting stuff it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the excitement, the trends, the flash and glamour, the beauty, fashion, and hair. But lest we forget, before you do any of the above, if you haven’t already, make sure you pick up the books and actually read them. And if you’re already hooked after the first, read the second, because Catching Fire doesn’t come out till November, and that is a long time to stay hungry. 

The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set - $31.57 @ click here to buy

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