The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week

The Kite - Tribeca Film Festival

1) The Tribeca Film Festival. Every year throngs of islanders get excited as new, little known, and soon to be very known films make their debuts. I usually see about 1 movie every year, and this year there were many on my list,I’ve been so disappointed that scheduling and timing conflicts have stopped this year’s tradition from happening. I tried to see Last Night, but none of the dates worked, and I am still working on finding tickets for the KITE, which I am dying to see. So much, that I might actually do the Rush tickets this year. But before May 1rst, I’m sure I will have full-filled at least one on the list, even if it’s not my # 1, The Kite. Next on the List; When the Drum is Beating…. Which one do you want to see NO matter which one you pick, one thing is for sure- this festival is loved by natives, and new natives because it encompasses something important to so many here on the island- coming together for the sake of new art… and you get to be seen while being stylish…. and who doesn’t love that…
2) BUNNY FEVER– Easter is on Sunday, and in turn,there are guides and lists everywhere; from Time Out, to NY mag, to every online site, citing numerous Easter activities for adults, for kids, brunches, festivals, and religious related events. So no one should be at any loss for ideas on what to do, come Sunday. Me, I use it as an excuse to eat a fun brunch w/ my friends, even the gentiles (GASP!) :), maybe paint an egg, and ferociously rip the ear of a bunny with my bare mouth… No need to call the ASPCA, this bunny is chocolate…. my favorite kind… But then again, I don’t need one day a year to celebrate all things bunny, I do that every day… but that’s for another day…




The originals are back for one last round -

3)FAKE retirements-Michael Jordan did it, and Jay-Z did it a few times, and now much to my excitement,turns out that Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe did it also, when they filmed the final episode of their legendary Law & Order- Criminal Intent run last year.Those characters are irreplaceable, and I think Bobby Goren, played in the most amazing fashion by Vincent D is one of the best detective characters, or maybe just characters period, of all time. And he was inspired by, and occasionally rips off my all time favorite detective and character, Detective Colombo. People have long mocked my dvd collection, but to this day, I still see shows ripping off exact quotes and ideas from the old school detective show, which was way ahead of it’s time. But I digress- Anyway- seems that people must have agreed with me, b/c less then a year later, Criminal Intent is back ; re-launched with it’s original detectives. Don’t miss the Season 10 premiere on May 1rst.

4) I’m on a Mother F-ing boat— Summer is looming, and my style changes as easily as my mind, but 1 style that it seems is always in fashion, even with me, is a nautical look. They call it a trend, but it’s been abound, in every variety, in every store for a few seasons now, and stripes seem to be here to stay, in a very BIG WAY. Lately I have been rocking my new striped blazer often, and the other day I certainly looked ready to board the yacht. And the best part is, the entire outfit only cost $40!!! (Minus the shoes). It’ s very easy to look chic w/o emptying your wallet (but more on that later)- For now, I can hang w/ the yachters, without having the money of one… Now, I just need my flippy floppys.

Bee goes on a BOAT --- yacht chic striped blazer- $14.99 Strawberry, Khaki skinny pants- target $15, denim boustier, Energie $5 at sample sale, chunky silver baubles- $2 Liz Claiborne sample sale, Shoes- Lanvin

5) JAMBA JUICE Protein Shakes– I will be writing a story soon on the impending doom of my foray into the “juice cleanse” world. As I embark on this journey, i will see what happens, how I feel, and more importantly, how long I can last, and keep you all, well… posted. I have changed my diet and routine this week, but haven’t really enforced anything yet. I have started down the road though, drinking 10 cups of lemon water a day. All I can say so far has changed is the number of times I go to the bathroom. But I have been obsessed with Jamba Juice all week long. Tuesday I had the low fat berry smoothie, wed, the strawberry banana and thursday, the Green veggie smoothie, b/c Carrot Karma, supposedly the best, was sold out. Yesterday my entire day’s menu consisted only of liquids, mainly thanks to Jamba… but no thanks at all to my wallet…. I think starting next week I will have to invest in a juicer, and start my own Jamba Juice from my kitchen…

Jamba-ing in Times Square- Wearing: Blue oxford shirt, Navy blazer w/ Monogrammed B patch, White ruffled mini skirt- LEI, vintage Equestrian Etienne Aigner Boots

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