The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week

choices galore, in K -town

1)Power lunch in K -town – For my friend’s very last day at work, we went to one of their favorite restaurants, Madangsui. This area, mostly due to their influence, is quick becoming one of my new favorite neighborhoods, and even though we didn’t down cherry bombs, I had a great time. I love trying new things, especially when they taste delicious. My favorite part is before the food, they bring out a 8 small plate appetizer with little samplings. Amazing! My favorite was the noodles, and the umm.. Macaroni crabmeat salad??? Is this a Korean restaurant, or a deli? Random, but I wasn’t complaining……

new Adele--- AMAZON - $9.99

2) ADELE – 21- My playback button on my ipod is about to fall off, b/c I’ve pressed it so much this week listening to Rolling in the Deep. I have nothing else to say, except buy this cd- like, NOW. There are very few albums, where literally every song you want to listen to over and over. A few come to mind. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z’s Blue-print, and to me, Adele’s new one, 21. Pay special attention to Rolling in the Deep, and Rumour has it.

Clinique Super Shimmer - Lucky Penny - $14.50

3) Clinique super shimmer
 Super shimmer eye shadow– Just purchased lucky penny and I love it so mcuh. It really brightens your eyes— and I tried a new trick that I highly advise- line your bottom eye instead of with black eye liner, try a shimmer white shadow- then put a small black line under that— I’m wearing it today, and my eyes look so awake and bright truly!! Even if I am on my 4th cup of coffee already.….

2011 Cannes Film Festival poster -

4) The 2011 Cannes Film festival poster is an image of the lost 1970 Faye Dunaway movie, Puzzle of a Downfall Child. I absolultey love this poster which is for the Cannes Film Festival, starting May 11th.  Faye Dunaway is gorgeous, and it evokes a real nostalgia for that old 60’s/70’s movie look. I also happen to love movies from those decades. I love the fashion, I love the look, and I just feel like everything was cooler back then. Case in point- check out this movie. I might just get netflix, just so I can watch it. And just for the record, this is from 1970, so it’s not the new Lindsay Lohan bio pic.

Mac and Cheese at The Little Cheese Pub

5) Little Cheese Pub – I went here with a few friends the other night for cheese, and wine. And some more cheese. For anyone that knows me, cheese is a vital part of my character. I never met a cheese I didn’t like. I don’t understand people who don’t like it. And I’m sure they would find it hard to have me in their lives, if those people exist. Luckilly, everyone I know has, on some level, a mutual feeling. We started with the fondue, then ordered a cheese plate, and lastly, ended with Macaroni and cheese. Two, of course, cause variety is the spice of life. One riesling cheddar, and one truffle, spinach. Both = amazing!!! We sat on random, swirly, uncomfortable little stools and ate our hearts out. If you love cheese,  you must, must eat here!! But if you are a bread afficianado, then you might be dissapointed. It leaves much to be desired. But cheese? CHECK! I know at least one person who after reading this, will be heading over the 9th avenue as fast as her little feet can walk…..

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