The Bee-Five- 5 faBEElous obsessions this week~ 1/27/12- Color Me Badd

Lately, I’ve been blinded by color. No, it’s not my rose colored glasses. I think they’re stuck on my back-burner, with the nice weather. It’s in artwork, on my nails, in the windows of Forever 21, and H&M, on the Spring ’12 runways, and hopefully, in the midst of a dreary, albeit mild winter, there’s some color in your life too. This week I’m finding joy in the color of life through….

1) The hot new Pantone color of the moment; Margarita. I’m loving the Essie polish, and already planning my new manicure. I think this color skirt would look amazing w/ a simple white tee shirt, and chunky necklace. Check out the awesome mood board below from


2) This picture from the Brooklyn Blonde. Again, another nail reference. What can I say, lately I’m obsessed, and my already mentioned, brewing purple fetish on the pastel horizon made me take notice of those lilac nails. I want to mix the color with a pale pink, and I just love the layout of this picture so much, I’ve had it on my desktop all week. I also have the same initial mug from Anthropologie; a gift from my bestie when I started my new job, so I’m picturing myself holding it with my new nails.

3) This amazing art and design website I stumbled upon, called ThisisColossal. It’s right up my alley, and anyone creative, or passionate about art should check it out. It’s great for inspiration and the image below had me hooked. Whoever thought books could look so beautiful?

To check out more click on the link above, or find them on Facebook  

4) My new color palette this week, a mix of greyish greens and teals. 


5) My rainbow of delight that greets me every am for my morning cup of coffee… Ah, what a beautiful sight!



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