The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week

1) The Hunger Games. Currently our book club read, and I can’t wait for our next meeting, because apparently, no one can put it down, including me. Normally, my ipod is glued to my ears on the subway, but lately, it’s been hibernating, and this has been glued to my hands

Hungering for the hunger games

2) Vogue India. Finally after months of yearning, and sadly hanging my head low leaving the newstand, after consistently being told week after week that the new Vogue India was “coming next week”, I finally lucked out. My friend went to India for a business trip, and when she got back, I got my magazine! I love how truly different all the Vogues are from country to country, and although I love ours, the pictures in the foreign ones are truly outstanding. Vogue india is no exception. There is an amazing article on the new Kurta for 2011, and another on mehndi techniques I can’t wait to write about. As for my friend at the newstand, he’s still waiting for the April issue to “come out”.
3) What can brown do for you?  This week, I’m obsessed with my tan,ever since I got back from Greece golden brown, and everyone was complimenting me on my complexion. Deepening it, highlighting it, 
and most importantly keeping it.  But you can’t hold onto something that isn’t really yours, can you? My favorite product is Sally Hansen Tan Extender. Literally every time I use it someone takes a dramatic whif in the air and then tells me whatever I’m using, it smells amazing. It also works amazingly, and leaves even a faint glitter on my skin. LOVES. For more tanning products, click here.

4) Seaing Green.  As I’ve already alluded to a few times before I left, lately I’ve been obsessed with green. It seems to be my new color obsession, and after returning from the mediterreanean,  the pull towards it seems to be even stronger. While spending the day is Oia, a small town near Santorini, Greece, I was taken by the gorgeous long beaded green and gold necklace. I had seen a few I loved on the trip, but each time debated, price, do I need it, the typical back and forth. When I saw this necklace, I didn’t do the cliche mind debate, which led me to believe- I have to have it. The Sea green color called to me, and it seemed fitting considering we were surrounded by gorgeous blue/green water everywhere. When I got home my latest manicure consisted of 2 shades; Essie Absolutely Shore, and Mint Candy Apple.


5) NEW BEGINNINGS. This is number 5, but it’s actually the biggest obsession of mine this week, and I’m starting to feel like a new chapter, is finally, very close to touch down. More on this rebirth later.

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