The Bee-Five- 5 faBEElous obsessions this week

Apologies for another late installment of Bee-five- consider this Friday’s post…. I’m almost close to over all of them already : )

1. My Kangaroo Keeper. If I added up all the minutes I spend fumbling in my bag, then displaying everything on the ground or floor as if I’m offering them up at a flea market, while moving everything around 100 times till I find either the keys, key card, or metro-card I was looking for- well lets just say I’d have a LOT of time on my hands. I think I’ve already wasted full whole days searching for something that was right in front of me. Well, story of my life…but in this case its’ house keys, lipstick, a pen, you name it. But look no more!! I have a new obsession and I don’t care who knows it.It’s a kangaroo Keeper. Yes, an As Seen On TV item, like the snuggle, or jeans pajamas that you see an infomercial for at 12 am on some random channel, and secretly want to buy. Well I’m not so secret about it. The laughter and giggles that my friend erupted in, when at a discount store in Arizona,I stumbled upon this item for a mere $7 did not dissuade me from my excitement. Oh my god,I screamed,” $7!! This item is over $20 back in new york. this is amazing!” Again, a smile and a giggle, and a face that suggested to me, obviously she thought I was being sarcastic and funny. OH but I was not- Quite serious, rather. And when YOU spend minutes grabbing through your bag, looking for something that is almost guaranteed to be at the very bottom, who will be laughing then huh?? Me….

My LIFE in Pouches.... From left, my inhaler, variety of pens, hand cream, CLinique eye de-puffer, cards, cell phone, lotion, Lancome juicy tubes lip gloss, Ipod, razer, Tiffanys pouch filled with misc jewelery, more lotion , house keys

2. Sally Hansen After Tan Extender. I am completely obsessed with this stuff. My premature, yearly burn from Florida last weekend turned to tan, and a week later, it’s still going strong.Not only does this stuff work, but it smells good, AND it also leaves a light sparkle/glitter to your body. The only bad thing is it’s aeresol, which isn’t very green. But right now the only color I care about is brown… This product is not easy to find in stores, but you can scoop some up on ebay…





3.Stardust Diner in Times Square.The most random work lunch ever happened last week,because in Times Square there is NO where to eat.We caught up on each-others week and weekends over $16 sandwiches, while anxious, clichéd NYC actors,singers and wannabe Broadway stars sang and danced their hearts out around us. When our waitress, “Jessie’s girl” belted out rent while writing up our check, and pouring a cup of coffee, all at the same time, we couldn’t help but almost admire them..that is, over our non stop laughter and exchange of glances as we continued pondering, what the F are we doing here? As the final verse of Seasons of Love, from Rent poured from their ambitious hearts, we left the diner world, back into reality. As we said goodbye we decided that our lunch had been weird, random, oddly fun, and most importantly, our new “place”….





4.True Blood. Because waiting SUCKS, and it’s almost here…Next Sunday I’m having a True Blood premiere party complete with what I was told is called a Fangbanger drink, and appropriate attire and food… (more on this later)…question though – what is vampire themed food??!

5. Again, Emily from Cupcake and Cashmere’s 5 things made me smile this week… Hopefully it will do the same for you..Enjoy…

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