Thank Heaven for little girls… Lolita-esque Style in 2011

Today, we have Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and pretty much every teeny bopper around , but the original nymphet whose lips motivated a thousand words and whose style said everything without, like in today’s time, actually having to say anything or show anything, was Lolita. The original underage temptress, of both book and film, who had Humbert, the protagonist singing “light of my life, fire of my loins, My sin, My soul….

Her’s was a seduction, forceful but quiet, unlike today’s temptresses who show so much. And even though we may not want to emulate those ways, we can still pretend to play that part, with the school girl look; a style that can be easily revamped and rejuvenated for spring 2011.

Me as Lolita last Halloween--- White tutu - H&M $20, Polka dot cardigan- vintage, Old School saddle shoes $20

Red heart "lolita" Sunglasses- $ 6 @ Reminiscence Thrift store














Make up your own style with these finds-

Sweetheart Sunnies- red, pink, black & white- $12







Lolitaesque Heart print shorts- $ 13.80 - Forever 21









Flounce with Me Romper - Girly CHic- $57.99 -









Enfield Bass saddle shoes- $69.00 -


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