A Guide to Prepare Yourself for taking a year off to travel

Are you planning any trips already for the new year? Taking a year off to travel is an exciting adventure, but it’s also essential to take necessary steps before leaving. Planning ahead and being organized are key elements for a long term trip away.

Here are some essentials in order to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

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1. Get Your Finances In Order 

One of the most important aspects when taking a year off to travel is sorting out your finances. Make sure you have enough money to cover all expenses while you’re away. Plan for any unexpected costs that may arise during your travels.

Consider getting a travel credit card with no foreign transaction fees, setting up an emergency fund, and making any necessary investments or payments.  

2. Obtain The Right Documentation 

To travel for a year, you will need to have the correct documentation . Check with your destination country’s embassy to find out what type of visa is required and their application process. 

Make sure that your passport is up-to-date and valid for at least six months after you return from your trip. Also, obtain copies of any important documents- like birth certificates, marriage licenses, and bank statements.   

3. Prepare Your Home For Long Term Travel 

If you plan on taking a year off to travel, ensure your home is secure in your absence. Cancel any subscriptions or automatic payments that occur while you’re away to avoid unexpected bills. 

If necessary, make arrangements for someone to check on your house regularly and take care of any maintenance needs that may arise, such as cutting the grass, unclogging drains, etc. 

If you plan to sell your home or cancel your rental, you’ll need storage for your possessions. Look for storage near me that can provide you with a safe, secure storage unit for your belongings while you’re away.  

4. Book Your Transportation 

Booking your transportation ahead of time is essential in order to save time and money during your travels. Research different airfare prices, compare them to find the best deal, and look for ways to save money, such as flying on weekdays, utilizing flight comparison websites, and signing up for loyalty programs. Depending on your destination, you may also need to book train or bus tickets ahead of time. 

5. Research Your Destination Country 

Researching the country you plan to visit is a key part of preparing for a year-long trip. Learn about the culture, language, customs, safety information, attractions, and more. Make sure to look into visa requirements if needed. Check with your travel insurance company to make sure you’re covered overseas.  

These are just some of the essential things necessary before going on a long-term trip abroad. Planning ahead and taking the necessary steps ensures your year-long journey goes as smoothly as possible. 

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