Buzzed/Trend of the Day: All Signs Point to Yes

The latest trend in fashion jewelry seems to be going up… and down, and left and right… Arrows are everywhere, from earrings, to rings, to … Read the rest

FaBEElous fall prediction #1: A Penny for your Thoughts.. penny loafer heels

In last week’s IFB picked post on upcoming trends, and spotting them, I alluded to the resurgence of the penny loafer, updated with a heel … Read the rest

WISH ME LUCK .. 4 leaf clover pedants to buy

Jennifer Meyer necklace (see more chain necklaces) Views – 418

The Pursuit of Happiness

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about happy. Not necessarily happiness, or how to be happy, but just the word itself- Happy. We can turn … Read the rest

Why Men Love.. Beaches

Life’s a Beach by Beecharmer featuring beaded shoes This rainy day on the island is leaving me yearning for another type of island- the tropical … Read the rest

Golden Girl Chic- Unexpected inspiration from 3 girls gone wild in Miami

Okay, I admit it— I love the Golden Girls! And I’ll tell you something, my heart is true, I’m a pal, AND a confidante!! I … Read the rest

Make Some Waves… w/ scallop accents hot for Spring/Summer 11

A favorite look of mine, that doesn’t seem to ever get enough play is making some headway this spring – the Scallop accent is a … Read the rest

If you like it, then you Should have put a bead on it – Mardi Gras this March in style

Calling all Spring breakers, and thirty somethings, channeling their inner youth; the ol ‘I had a boyfriend for so many years in college, I never … Read the rest

And now, A Short Story…

It took years and years, and a few more  after that for me to ever feel comfortable wearing shorts in any setting that did NOT … Read the rest