BeeFive: 5 Things ~ Romance is not Dead

 Five things on my mind this week is all the buzz lately that seems to prove perhaps romance is not dead after all.   1. … Read the rest Made in Manhattan: The Singles in America Survey & How I Found Love

Last weekend I went to listen to a discussion on the annual Singles in America survey that just came out with In it’s 5th … Read the rest

Beefive: 5 Things ~ 5 Valentines Day Gift Ideas that are Cute not Corny

This year, for one of the first times, I’m less focused on not only getting, but giving as well. Usually, I live to give; priding … Read the rest

The Beefive ~ 5 Easy Ways to Say I Love You

Every year Valentines Day comes around again. Couples exchange gifts, looks, or declare their love, while singles declare their lack of need for it. We … Read the rest

Weekend Buzz Bites~ Italian food, Scary Movies, Sevilla & West Village Walks

Friday, 8 pm L.E.S Dinner at Cacio e Pepe in the East Village. We took the news that his brother had bought a Groupon for 3 Dozen … Read the rest

How much do I Know Thee, let me count the ways OR Carnal Knowledge…

Recently I overheard a couple’s conversation behind me in  Starbucks. It went a little something like this. Guy– “Oh no, nooo, I don’t want the … Read the rest

Style Island Holiday Gift Guide ~ For the Romantic

Style Island Holiday Gift Guide ~ For the Romantic by styleisland featuring silver stud earrings Longs jewelry Adjustable ring Tiffany charm Miss … Read the rest

With this Update, I thee wed…. The state of facebook and relationships

For our 6 month anniversary, my boyfriend and I jokingly accepted each other’s friend request. This seems crazy, but this is the tamest way I’ve seen it done. … Read the rest

New York, I Love You- Valentines Day, City Style –

John Mayer sang of a city love,  Tony Bennett asked us to turn Manhattan into an isle of joy, and ironically, and in the most … Read the rest

Of Mice and Men.. Or Attack of The Island Domesticators

The perpetual struggle and opposition of city vs. country mouse has long been a theme in my life; and for years I’ve dealt with some … Read the rest