Catty Corner…

    “I Love Nerds” cat sweatshirt, Joe Boxer, @, $7.99. Buy it now, on sale for $5 HERE Pink Trouser Pants, Gap, $20. … Read the rest

Trend Report Holiday 2012~ Sweat it Out w/ Chic sweatshirts to try out

Blood, SWEAT & … fall by styleisland featuring cotton sweatshirts The North Face hoodie sweatshirt Sweatshirts and hoody J Crew cotton sweat shirt … Read the rest

Style Buzz Off # 7: Spot On~ Polka Dots battle it out

The Opponent: J crew Collection Cashmere Polka Dot Sweater. The Challenger: Old Navy Polka Dot Sweater (29.99) Navy Blazer; Forever 21 (B patch my own). … Read the rest

Crazy, Sexy, School~ BACK TO SCHOOL 2012 w/ My fall Favorites, and 2 favorite fall buys!

Crazy, Sexy, School by styleisland featuring wedge heels J Crew boatneck top Long coat Hudson Jeans denim skinny jeans TOMS wedge heels … Read the rest

Style Buzz OFF: 2 Live Crew// J Crew Styled look ~ fall 2012

J crew Fall 2012 Collection 2 Live Crew- J Crew Styled look ~ fall 2012 by styleisland featuring a herringbone jacket The Challenger Great Find … Read the rest

Rinse, Pleather, and Repeat

Brown Pleather zip up pencil skirt: H&M Striped pink and brown sweater: H&M Pink and Orange flats: J Crew Crew Cuts Jewelry: Vintage beaded necklace; … Read the rest

A checkered Past

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The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week

1.Jack’s 99 Cent Shop.A mecca of JUNK, perpetuating my tradition of being a contradictory quirk by nature. A girl who spends $700 on a Balenciaga … Read the rest

Buzzed… on a Monday

I love this picture of the now famous couple kissing on the ground, caught up in the romance and clearly oblivious to the rioting and … Read the rest