We, The Bloggers…Giving good mingle at the Bloggers Night Out Party

When bloggers get together things tend to happen; pictures are snapped, mutual admirations are abound, and freebies, either being promoted, taken, begged for, or won … Read the rest

Addicted to Fashion: Fashion Night out 2011 with Shop Addicts Fashion Binge

Forgive me as I try to catch up from the craziness of Fashion Week… This whole, i don’t conform to society’s technology advances spiel I’ve … Read the rest

The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week – Sept 9th, 2011

(Friday’s bee-five is a little late- apologies) This week I’m totally obsessed with: 1) my new necklace that I had made on Broadway last week. … Read the rest

Just Shoot Me…a camera does not a blogger make

does the image make the blogger,or the blogger make the image? Everyone’s been spending these days focusing on all the big upcoming trends for fall … Read the rest