Surf And Turf…. Surfing styles to get your summer started


Click here to check out Surf Indian the SHOP, the boards, and the Art

In Picture- Last summer in San Diego I went to this AMAZZZING store in Pacific Beach called Surf Indian. To them, Surfing is not just a sport, it’s a way of mind, and the art work is just as important as the board you’re riding…. I didn’t buy a board that day but I did buy two shirts, one for me, one for my boyfriend….
Surf WAX that I got in a gift bag when I went to the NYC Surf Film Festival in September. This is a wonderful film festival that is really growing and finding it’s community. I saw “surfing 50 States” and instantly reverted back to my “surfer girl” ways… Okay, fine so that was only 2 weeks at surf Camp in costa rica, but it’s like riding a bike right???………….Now if Only I could find those pictures of me riding the wave like it’s my bitch…..

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