Summer Reading Buzz: Most Wanted Review & Giveaway

Lisa Scottoline’s latest suspense, Most Wanted is about what happens when life confronts us with difficult decisions, and how those decisions change us. Christine and Mark Nilsson are a couple that seemingly have it all… except Christine’s dream family, and baby. When they finally get pregnant through a fertility clinic, using a sperm donor, it unexpectedly ties both of them not just to a stranger, but a mystery. As the mystery builds, the couple learn more about their mysterious donor and whether he could actually be a serial killer or not. This quick witted thriller by New York Times best selling author Lisa Scottoline moves fast and is the ultimate in summer reading.

The plot twists and turns, relationships change, and the couple is forced to confront parts of themselves and their marriage they never admitted to or knew before. Most Wanted, at first, has a slow build as we learn about our protagonist and her life. For this Dateline lover though, the story begins to play out like a long version of my favorite Friday night mystery show.

As both Christine and Mark face dilemmas for themselves, and their baby, we follow along sharing in the fast paced adventure. Scottoline draws us in but also leaves us wondering, what might we do in that situation?

We all know that with summer comes one of our favorite past times; reading at the beach. In honor of starting the buzz on the ultimate summer reading list I’m giving away a copy of Most Wanted. Enter below and one lucky reader can get their summer reads started early!

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Most Wanted


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