SUMMER Like It Hot~ 5 Ways to Beat The Nyc Heatwave w/ Duane Reade

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New Yorkers are a fickle bunch. We have a love/hate relationship with crowded movie theaters, the yankees, and especially mother nature. All winter we dream of summer, dream of the days when our nightly news weatherman tells us the following week, weather will be in the high 80’s, instead of the low 40’s we continue to groan about day after day. But New York is a complicated city, and much like it’s tendency to look better in black and white, it’s manner tends to be black or white. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a nice, long spring. The last few years, we’ve gone instantly from wishing the sun  upon us, to begging it to go away during a nyc heatwave.

This week temperatures in New York are at heatwave standards, and I’m sure we’ve on more then a few occasions, broken those cherished historical highs this time. In times like this, even for the busiest of bees, it’s hard to accept that sometimes the best place you can be is inside. For those not as lucky to have indoor cooling options, the island offers a few other options.

When I was a little girl, before Stuyvesant Town had air conditioning my mom and I would go to the movies, and sneak into one after the other, managing to stay in cool all day. It’s made me the movie buff I am today. The other thing she did to relieve me of the oppressive heat on the island was to send me off it. In typical, middle class, Jewish family style, I went off the camp, where I would enjoy the hijinx the Adirondacks  had to offer for six weeks. The rich jews stayed eight, but me, of middle class means basked in the glory of upstate New York for only six.

Today, as much as I love getting off the island, I also love staying on it. This summer, I’ve probably stayed on it more then ever, taking fewer trips, and saving money. It’s a different place when the temperatures rise. It’s quiet, less crowded, and almost has an eery mystery about it; a calmness that will be gone in a month, when everyone returns. But if you are here, then you have to make sure you do a few things to keep yourself cool in the process. Maybe check out a matinee movie; they’re half price till 12 pm. Go window shopping in all the air blasted stores. In Herald Square, that could mean staying amazingly cool for two full avenues on each side. And make sure you go to Nyc superstore, Duane Reade. When it comes to, well, practically anything, you can find your answer at the ubiquitous mega store. And when it comes to weather, there’s no difference. Here’s 5 affordable ways to stay cool, and beat the heat right now at a Duane Reade near you.

1. Cool OFF towelettes – perfect for on the goIMG_1791

2. When in Doubt, Buy a Fan. There is a nicely sized 20 inch box fan available at Duane Reade right now for under $20. 

3. A Cool Towel. I’m going to buy this for my hot yoga classes, and at under $15 it’s a relief. Literally. IMG_1765

4. Make Ice pops!IMG_1789

5. SunScreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen! There’s lots of sales going on right now, even with the heat at it’s highest! Check out the bogo promotion on all Walgreens Sunscreen

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