Style Secrets for Fashion Conscious People

If you consider yourself a fashion conscious person, then you probably want to make sure that you look your absolute best, no matter what you’re wearing. Style is completely subjective and personal to the person you’re talking to, but there are some style secrets that everyone could benefit from knowing. 

Here are a few style secrets to think about if you’re fashion conscious 

Style over Fashion

It’s important to realize that style typically trumps fashion. Fashion trends come and go. But personal style is forever. When you develop your own sense of style, you’ll own items that you really love and want to wear again and again. Don’t try too hard to stick to fashion and instead focus on developing and honing your own personal style. It’ll make such a big difference. 

There are no rules.

Although you can read posts like this all day long and figure out the ‘rules’ of fashion and dressing well, it’s important to know that ultimately, there are no rules. Do what works for you. People break these rules all the time and look fantastic. Remember, when it comes to style, if it feels good, do it. 


Get out of your comfort zone

Although you want to be comfortable with the things you wear, taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone is important sometimes. You never know what styles and exciting ways of dressing you might discover if you always stay within your comfort zone. Some people are scared of wearing things like choker necklaces , but they can look amazing when you have the right neckline and outfit to go with them. You should do things that scare you regularly, and that could very well mean wearing something unusual.

Keep other stylish women in mind

You should never completely copy another woman’s style if you want to hone your own. However, you can definitely learn from them and pick up tips from the way that they put outfits together. There are all kinds of stylish women who break the rules and look amazing. Iris Apfel, Olivia Palermo, and bloggers that you can find on just about any Instagram feed.

Keep track of what works, (and what feels good)

When you find yourself feeling good in a certain style, document it. It’s always good to have something to refer back to, especially when you’re having a style road block. 

Have fun figuring out your style. Do you have any handy style secrets you swear by? 

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