Style Island Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide NYC style~ The Best Gifts For Every Kind of New Yorker

There used to be a time once, a long, long time ago, when people made lists. Lists of what they need to do that day, lists of what they need to buy at the grocery store, and during a particular, chilly season, lists of what they want, they really, really want. Today, lists are archaic. I feel like I’m probably one of the only people left on earth that actual has a daily planner, but for me, I couldn’t live without it. My life is best lived on paper, not on a screen.

And yet, though it seems lists have died, in fact they were reborn as the virtual collage. Now, it’s easier then ever for people to make lists of things they need, and what they love. During the holidays, it’s seems that ‘what I want’ lists are practically universal on every blog, article, and well…. lips.

And this time of year, it seems that not only do wish lists abound, but accordingly so do the items themselves. With deals seemingly everywhere, there is something for everyone out there. Every single niche, with their own private holiday lust list.

And on an island like Manhattan, where every corner can bring another race, creed, type, moment before you, there is no universal. There is a sea, miles long, filled with streets of different. Every Islander has their own special flavor, and in honor of that, it’s only fair that Style Island represent each one accordingly in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide.

Inspired by go-to IFB, and this week’s IFB Project, to create your best holiday gift guide, I put together a few of my gift guides so far; the best finds for each type of city girl (or guy). Starting Dec 1, I’ll continue the series, with a new gift guide each day, for 25 days.

Style Island Holiday Gift Guide 2012 ~ For the Jetsetter

Printed bag


Taschen Guide Box Set

Style Island Holiday Gift Guide~ For the One who has Everything

Body cleanser


Style Island Holiday Gift Guide 2012 ~ For the Techy one

Kate spade jewelry

Tory burch

Kate spade

Ugg australia

Style Island Holiday Gift Guide 2012~ For the Foodie

Taste-Test Recipe Book

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