Style Island Holiday Gift Guide Countdown – Day #10 ~ Bloggerific gifts sure to please any Blogger

Style Island Holiday Countdown Gift Guide day #10 - 7 gifts for the Blogger


For the blogger, writer, or photographer on the go, keep everything stored safely in this usb which is unrecognizable and oh so chic in a tiny black bow. Kate Spade usb tech accessory,                              $50.00

Because there’s nothing wrong with a little honestly this holiday season. SELFIE Indulgent Buzzkill Shop @, $ 38 on sale till Dec 16th!

When you can’t carry around that bulky Canon with lens, and an iphone just won’t work. This is hte perfect in between. Fujifilm instax mini 8 Instant Film Camera White, $70.00

I love stamps, especially personalized ones, and this is perfect for any fashion lover. My Wonderful World Of Fashion Stamp Set, $20

Ipad air. Normally, I stay in the back of the tech pack. My old school mentality continually has me coming late to the game, and though I have now given up much of that stubbornness, I still haven’t fully embraced the world of the gadget, even as a blogger. In spite of all that, I have been obsessed with the Ipad air, and I don’t even have an ipad of any kind. Maybe it has something to do with wanting to do                                more, or feeling like I need to graduate to the next thing, or maybe it’s just because its so gosh darn                                 pretty. On sale, $479 at 

I am obsessed with notebooks. I am obsessed with monogramming anything. So it would only go to reason that a website which specializes in both would be on any of my top ten, or gift guide lists. May Designs lets you customize any notebook down to the pattern, print, inside layout, monogram and tool.  My Bee notebook serves as my idea book and never leaves my side. May Designs Blog notebooks vary                           in price.

I recently discovered this shop on Instagram, and fell in love not only with her blog, but her shop. Ranging from scarves, to vintage Parisian plates, and jewelry, the site is a bevy of visual loveliness. One of my favorites, the Gold stained coffee mug. A must for anyone who works from home, and knows the  value of that first cup of morning coffee. Gold Stained Mug $29 

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  • Right on with the iPad air. I’m more of a mini gal myself and I have the new retina mini on my list. Another blogger gift idea if you’re looking for something last minute: my Skillshare class on becoming a better blogger through content planning. 😉 It’s a winner AND you don’t have to ship it! 🙂 Here’s a link: